Clemson Finds Silver Lining to Early Open Date

Clemson football plans to make the most out of unusually early bye week, welcomes early start on Virginia prep.
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Clemson has only played two games for the 2020 college football season but the Tigers are already on break this week for an open date. 

While the early free weekend isn't the most ideal, it opens the door to rehab a few injuries and work on the smaller details before a visit from Virginia on Oct. 3 in Death Valley. 

Offensive Coordinator Tony Elliott said there are some downfalls to having such an early open date but that the Tigers will make good use of the time and working on improving Clemson. 

While the Tigers don't have the usual load of game film to breakdown and work on mistakes, Clemson isn't changing its approach during the off week and is taking advantage of the opportunity to get better. 

"We're always going to make sure that we study ourselves," Elliott said. "We won't have as big of sample size as we normally do with a later open date but it's a great opportunity. "We can get a peek at any tendencies we have. It's a tough situation too with Virginia not having as many games us, so we won't get our first look at them until this weekend."

For Clemson though, it is never about the opponent and always more about Clemson and playing to a standard week in and week out. 

"We'll focus on ourselves. We'll get a head start on Virginia and still use this opportunity to grow our team. We are going to need everybody, especially in his environment when we everyone is week-to-week, We will need everyone playing at the highest level they can for us to be successful down the stretch," Elliott said.