Cowherd: 'Justin Herbert Is Potentially a Greater Talent Than Lawrence'

Greg Cosell joined the Colin Cowherd podcast to compare young QBs, and a discussion comparing Justin Herbert and Trevor Lawrence brought out some hot takes from both analysts.
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Greg Cosell, Executive Producer of ESPN's NFL Matchup, went on the Colin Cowherd podcast and mentioned a comparison of young QBs that hasn't been discussed enough.

Colin Cowherd and Cosell talk about the recent NFL Rookie of the Year winner and Los Angeles Chargers QB Justin Herbert, who after a fantastic rookie campaign, has been outshined by the amount of coverage going towards the former Clemson QB and potential No. 1 pick Trevor Lawrence.

"When I look at Justin Herbert, he's really much more special than a lot of people realize," Cowherd said. "He's actually, potentially, a greater talent than Trevor Lawrence." 

Cosell agreed, and while he will rave about Trevor Lawrence as a prospect, Justin Herbert has now proved it in year one professionally.

"I don't think that's a hot topic at all Colin, to me, Herbert is a big, big time talent," Cosell said. "He's a bigger man than Trevor Lawrence, he's an easier thrower. Lawrence obviously has a very, very good arm. I would argue that Herbert's arm is naturally more powerful, but Lawrence has no issues with arm strength. I think, Herbert is more purely physically gifted than Trevor Lawrence. Now having said that, I don't want people listening to this thinking that I don't think Lawrence is a really good prospect, of course Lawrence is a really good prospect. But no I don't think that's a hot take, I think Herbert is physically more gifted."

Regardless of how anyone feels about Justin Herbert, the former Tigers' QB Lawrence is a shoe-in to be selected by Jacksonville on NFL Draft night.

The 2021 NFL draft is scheduled for April 29-May 1.