Deion Sanders loses fishing competition to Travis Hunter at Lake Prime

Coach Prime was outdone by the Buffaloes prodigy in his favorite hobby
Colorado's Travis Hunter Beats Deion Sanders in Fishing Competition
Colorado's Travis Hunter Beats Deion Sanders in Fishing Competition /
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In a surprising and exciting twist, Travis Hunter recently managed to beat Deion Sanders in a bass fishing competition. The friendly event took place at a serene Lake Prime on Sanders property outside of Dallas. It became a hot topic, especially knowing how serious Coach Prime is about his skills on the water.

Sanders is known for his illustrious career in the NFL and his charismatic personality, but has always been an avid fisherman. His skills on the football field are well-documented, but his determination with a fishing rod is less well-known but equally impressive. He has often spoken about how fishing helps him relax and provides a perfect escape from the pressures of coaching and public life. It was, therefore, quite a shock when Hunter managed to out-fish his mentor.

Hunter has been making waves in the football world with his exceptional talent and work ethic, approached the fishing competition with the same determination and focus he brings to the field. Under the guidance of Coach Prime, Hunter has developed not just as an athlete but also as a well-rounded individual, and this fishing competition was a testament to his versatile capabilities.

Sanders and Hunter will be making the trip to Las Vegas for Big 12 Media Days starting on Tuesday. They'll be joined by Shilo and Shedeur Sanders, along with Mark Vassert to represent Colorado on Wednesday morning. The Sanders Brothers are fresh off a trip to Miami over the Fourth of July holiday. This will likely be the final conference media day for them as they intend on entering the 2025 NFL Draft.

Jason Jones