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Mike Norvell criticizes tampering of players not in the transfer portal

Tampering is occuring across college football and it has reached Florida State

The game of college football forever changed when NIL was introduced last year. While getting paid to play and being allowed to earn based on their likeness was a long-time coming for players, NIL has opened things up more than ever before.

The latest impact of NIL is the increase in tampering that is going on in college football. Biletnikoff winner Jordan Addison has been rumored to be heading to USC on a major deal, one that would be a perfect example of the tampering going on.

Boston College standout Zay Flowers came out recently saying several people tied to other programs have offered six-figure deals to transfer to their school, yet another example of how intense NIL is becoming.

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Florida State head coach Mike Norvell was on the ACC Network's Packer and Durham show Tuesday morning, where he said attempts at tampering with his players have occurred. 

"We had conversations, there were a couple guys on our team that have had people from the outside talking. They were not in the portal, but they’re trying to make decisions on certain things for their future," Norvell said.

That’s what’s unfortunate. But grateful for the guys we have and the team that we’re going to be able to move forward with. But for college athletics, we want to be together here moving forward."

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Norvell and FSU director of athletics Michael Alford appeared on the daily talk radio show as the ACC meetings are occurring.

“There are things going in college athletics that definitely have to be changed. It’s unfortunate when you hear and see and experience things of outside entities being involved in that part of this game," Norvell said.

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"Because that’s not college athletics. That’s not what it’s supposed to be. It’s unfortunate that some of these young men are being put in those situations to even have to be able to make those decisions."

Florida State has been one of the most active programs in the NCAA portal, both with incoming and outgoing athletes. It will be interesting to see if the players he referenced in this interview decide to stay with FSU heading into the fall of 2022. 

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