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2023 OT Lucas Simmons planning to commit within the next two weeks

The Seminoles were the final team to get Simmons on campus for an official visit.

It's been a busy month for top 2023 offensive tackle Lucas Simmons. After officially visiting Oklahoma State earlier this offseason, Simmons used his final four officials to check out Tennessee, Florida, USC, and Florida State in June.

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The Seminoles were the final team to host Simmons ahead of his upcoming commitment. This was a special trip because Simmons was able to bring his mother and father on the visit. They previously had not had an opportunity to experience what Tallahassee had to offer.

"Man, It was good. It was my parent's first time seeing it," Simmons said to NoleGameday's Dustin Lewis. "I've been explaining how I feel about Florida State and what separates Florida State in different ways. There's only so much words can do, you know? When they stepped foot on campus and they met Atkins, they met Norvell, and they saw everything that I've been talking about, it's like they realized exactly what I've been seeing. It didn't disappoint at all on the OV either. I just saw another opportunity to spend more time with the players and the coaches. I just had a great time overall for sure."

While his father was in attendance for all five of Simmons' official visits. His mother only made it to the last three; Florida, USC, and Florida State. They enjoyed their time around the coaching staff and clicked well with offensive line coach/offensive coordinator Alex Atkins and head coach Mike Norvell.

"They enjoyed it a lot. My mom is kind of out of the loop when it comes to the recruiting. I don't think she knows the difference between the MAC and the ACC," Simmons said. "But, she understands people. She reads people well. When she got there, she understood from the start that Atkins is a great guy, Norvell and the rest of the staff are as well. It's great to have her there because she knows how to read people. They had a good time with the coaches too."

During the weekend, the Sweden native got to show his family around campus, he even took over the wheel at one point to the humor of the coaching staff. However, his favorite part of the weekend was meeting with coach Atkins.

Coach Atkins put everything into perspective for Simmons. He pulled up film from a year ago when Simmons camped at Florida State's first Mega Camp. At first, he was doing the drills incorrectly but the footage showed Atkins helping Simmons make corrections. It was a reflection of the relationship the two have been building since the Seminoles were one of the first schools to join his recruitment.

"We had the campus tours and all that so my parents could see the College of Business," Simmons said. "What stood out to me the most was the meeting with Atkins. During the meeting, they said they had tape of me from my old camp. I camped at Florida State's Mega Camp a year ago. So we were looking at the tape, I had never saw that footage at all before. While looking at it, you can see me doing the drills completely wrong and then how coach Atkins taught me to correct it. 

"It just really showed that our relationship has developed so naturally and it's been consistent for a year. It kind of put it all into perspective," Simmons continued. "Coach Atkins is a guy I really respect and trust. It's hard for me to trust people at all, especially college coaches because I feel that it can be kind of fake at times if you know what I mean. I feel with Atkins I know exactly what I'm getting into. I can't say any bad things about Atkins at all. I just enjoy talking to him."

A point of emphasis this weekend for Simmons was to spend more time around current Seminoles. He hung out with multiple offensive linemen such as Robert Scott, Darius Washington, Rod Orr, Julian Armella, and Qae'Shon Sapp and felt like he fit in.

"I spent a lot of time with the players, that's the thing that was different from the last visits," Simmons said. "I liked all of them, it was really cool. I liked spending time with them a lot so we were hanging out when we could."

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There's a difference between getting a message from a coach versus an actual player at a program. Every Seminole that he spoke with felt the exact way about the coaching staff and made it clear to Simmons that he'll be held to high standards at Florida State.

"The same as I've been thinking about it too. They feel the exact same way about Atkins. They told me that Atkins does not change up," Simmons said. "There's no recruiting Alex Atkins and a once you get to campus Alex Atkins. Like, he's the same. That's something I really, really like. I need to know exactly what I'm getting into. I know what I'm getting into with Atkins and the players just kind of reassured me that I haven't been walking around thinking I'm crazy. I've seen the things that actually are true. Of course, they told me that there's going to be hard work and they're going to push you really hard at Florida State. Norvell told me too, 'there are going to be days where you simply hate me. But, you're going to be happy because I helped you take the next step.' Atkins is on the same wavelength as Norvell too. So, you know, it's kind of reassuring."

On Saturday, Simmons and his family met with head coach Mike Norvell in his office. Norvell expressed that the Seminoles feel like Simmons is the perfect player for what they're building. The two parties are on the same page.

"I've talked to him now a few times and it's always based on the same topics. It's kind of about that they feel like I'm perfect for them and they hope that I think the same about them as well," Simmons said. "Like, it can't just be a one-way street. We've got to be on the same page, you know? So he tells me that, I tell him that as well. We're kind of just bouncing off a little bit, just talking, it's always great spending time with Norvell and then having my parents there so they can hear it too. It was really good."

Simmons is on the cusp of making a commitment following the final official visit of his recruitment. He's planning to make an announcement within the next two weeks after taking some time to mull his decision over and speak with his family. 

At this time, Florida State, USC, Florida, Tennessee, and Oklahoma State make up the list of possible contenders. 

"I'll be done in a week or two," Simmons said. "The plan for me is to step aside for now. Get off Twitter, get off talking to coaches for a week and just make sure what I feel is not impulsive. Make sure what I feel is in my heart is in my head. After that, call it a day, commit and just keep on working."

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The 6-foot-7, 300-pound offensive tackle is regarded as the No. 107 overall prospect, the No. 13 OT, and the No. 23 recruit in the state of Florida in the 2023 class according to 247Sports.

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