WATCH: Take a Tour Around UGA's $80m Indoor Facility

Georgia's new football indoor facility is insanely nice. Athletic Director Josh Brooks takes you on a tour of the new facilities.
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Georgia Football isn't exactly hurting for weaponry in the arm's race that is college football facilities. 

They've renovated the stadium, the football indoor, and the practice facilities under the previous athletic administration regime under Greg McGarity. Though this summer, they unveiled the crown jewel of them all, the new indoor facility on campus. 

It's 165,000 square feet with the largest weight room in the entire country, and cost north of $80m to complete. 

Athletic director Josh Brooks take you on a tour of the new facility. 

There are plenty of amenities inside the building, but the technology in the facility is probably the portion of the building that people are talking about the most. As Brooks points out in the video above, there have data tracking in the weight themselves that allows the coaching staff to know exactly how fast the players are moving the weight. 

The new player's lounge has been a talk of the offseason as well with recruits visiting the new facility. They love the fact that their time spent in the building is made comfortable. "A home away from home" is something that Brooks repeatedly multiple times throughout the video and it's something that they've made a major portion of the new buil

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