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Three Things We Know, Three Weeks Into UGA Season

We are three weeks into the college football slate, and though we don't know exactly what the season will hold, we know a few things to be sure.

We are three weeks into the college football slate, and though we don't know exactly what the season will hold, we know a few things to be sure. 

Here are our observations of this Georgia Football so far through three weeks. 

Georgia MUST Fix its Offensive Line Issues.

It seems simple, but for the third straight week, Georgia's offensive line has proven less than stellar. Whether it's missed assignments, missing blocks, or outright just being outplayed, Georgia's O-Line has been the weak point of a Georgia offense that's been potent the last two weeks. Georgia has gone up against some really good defenses, but a lot of these issues are self-imposed. Issues like this have a bad way of popping up at the worst possible times, and Georgia has been stuffed on third down a couple of times already this year due to the offensive line not performing up to the standard. If that continues, one of those types of gaffs could have disastrous results for the Bulldogs in the future.

Someone Has to Step-Up Opposite of Kendrick.

The secondary was always going to be the weakest area for this Georgia Defense in 2021. After losing 7 players, along with their game time experience, Georgia is having to rely on a transfer cornerback in Kendrick, and a multitude of young and/or inexperienced players to fill the voids. Kendrick can hold his own, even if his eyes get caught in the wrong places at some points. However, the question of who is starting opposite of him has been and continues to be a sticking point. Thus far it's been Ameer Speed with the starts, but Georgia has been rotating Kelee Ringo in as well. The question becomes, who is going to win out and firmly take over that position? Georgia needs to find the answer to that question really soon. 

Florida is Likely to be a Fantastic Match-up.

Perhaps the biggest take-away for many in the college football sphere is the fight the Gators brought to the Alabama Crimson Tide this past weekend. Although the comeback for Florida fell short, they still proved that they had a good football team and a lot of fight. It's one of the first big signs that the match-up in Jacksonville on Halloween Weekend is going to be a fantastic game. Still, the passing game for the Gators remains a question mark, as Florida was able to do most of their damage against Alabama on the ground. 

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