What Happened with Tyrique Stevenson?

The NCAA transfer portal is more active than ever before. So, what happened with Georgia defensive back Tyrique Stevenson that made him want to leave?

With the NCAA approving immediate eligibility for one-time transfer rules, combined with the coronavirus pandemic, and additional years of eligibility being handed out, the NCAA transfer portal is more active than ever before. 

Of course, players that aren't getting playing time and graduate transfers entering the portal have been commonplace since its inception in October of 2018.

What is uncommon is for starters at programs like Georgia to enter the portal. 

That's exactly what happened Monday night when it was announced that Georgia defensive back Tyrique Stevenson had placed his name in the NCAA transfer portal. 

So, after two seasons of playing an integral role in Georgia's defense, what happened that caused his decision to leave?


According to sources, Stevenson had become unhappy with the way in which he was used during his time at Georgia. He entered UGA as an aspiring cornerback prospect and from Day 1 was then asked to play several positions in the back end of Georgia's defense. As a freshman, he made his greatest impact at the STAR position. Some would refer to the position as a nickel or slot corner, but Georgia uses the position in a much more complex fashion. 

Stevenson was now being asked to become a portion of their blitz package, provide support in the run game, all while being tasked at time with some of the toughest assignments in coverage from the slot. 

As he put it after the SEC Championship Game in 2019, they "stuck him at multiple positions." 

"Me being versatile actually made things harder because they stuck me at multiple positions and as the year went on, I got more and more comfortable."

Entering Georgia's program, Stevenson admittedly had never sat through a defensive meeting, let alone be responsible for learning a playbook as complex as Georgia. Add to that, having to learn a multitude of positions. 

The way he was being used at Georgia caused some issues. 


When preparation for the 2020 season began, Stevenson suddenly arrived back on campus and was noticeably bigger. As the season wore on, sources close to the program tell Dawgs Daily the writing was beginning to show on the wall. Stevenson continuously made passing comments about wanting to transfer. 

It's clear that Stevenson wants to play more of a traditional cornerback role as opposed to being used more like a swiss army knife, like Georgia was using him. 

Now, he's likely headed back home to Miami, and though he's not made an official statement announcing his transfer, he's changed his Facebook profile to reflect as much. 

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