Coach Grewe Brings New Foundation to MSU Baseball


Written by Courtney Wills

High-quality pitching, aggressive hitting and strategic fielding are just a few of the key skills that first year head coach David Grewe is trying to implement this season.

Not too many coaches at the early age of 29 are already managing their own collegiate baseball team and making their mark as one of the most passionate and disciplined young coaches out there. “He’s implemented a plan and a true program and everyone knows what his expectations are. Everyone knows what to expect and it’s tough work, but we’re seeing the results now and you’re gonna continue to see his program work,” said senior infielder Oliver Wolcott. Coach Grewe is the program’s 15th head coach to manage Michigan State baseball. One of Coach Grewe’s main goals this season is to establish a well-balanced trust and productive work ethic, one that is built on discipline, hard work, and enthusiasm. “I can expect our guys to show up to each and every game. We’re gonna play every game one game at a time and just go out there and play our style of baseball and compete, play the game hard,” said Coach Grewe. Senior Center fielder Jamey Embree says that Coach Grewe has done a really good job of bringing the team together and making his players want to come out and play together as one. “I just try to bring enthusiasm every day and you know just try to prepare right and just play hard. That’s all you can do in the end you know, just do your best and prepare well and whatever happens happens,” said Embree. Not only does Coach Grewe want to challenge his players to be both physically and mentally tough, but he also wants his players to learn the values of team chemistry and leadership. “Right from the fall our guys have made a commitment to believe in what we’re doing and they’ve made a commitment to myself and my coaches and you know my philosophy is if I’m working hard, if I’m running through that wall, then the players behind you will be doing that,” said Coach Grewe. With one third of the season already finished, Coach Grewe is ready to start the next third of the season which is the Big Ten. Coach Grewe believes that if his team can put into practice a dominant offensive and defensive plan, this will be a very dangerous and competitive team by the time May rolls around. “You challenge players to be responsible. You hold players accountable,” said Coach Grewe. “You challenge each and every guy on the team to be a leader whether you are a freshman or senior, or there in between and you just have to keep players understanding that this is a team game.” Coach Grewe says that he is excited that so many of his seniors including Wolcott and Embree have already tried to implement strong team chemistry amongst some of the young players. “If you can trust the guy next to you, if you can trust the guy on the mound everyday, you’re gonna go to battle with him and you’re gonna want to fight for the next guy,” said Wolcott. “When that happens it becomes reciprocal and everyone you know plays better, plays stronger, and you gain strength off other people.” With these right tools and positive attitudes, Coach Grewe will soon be on his way of bringing another successful foundation to MSU men’s baseball.