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Has Notre Dame Reached Its Peak As A Program

Irish Breakdown dives into whether or not Notre Dame has reached its peak as a program

When Brian Kelly left Notre Dame for the Bayou he kept talking about the move was in large part due to his desire to win a championship. Kelly made it seem as though Notre Dame wasn't a place that could happen, and anyone that was being objective the last five years remembers Kelly consistently making excuses for why everyone but him was responsible for the program not getting over the hump.

Much of the national media has jumped onto that talking point, and recently we saw national "analysts" like Desmond Howard, Kirk Herbstreit and someone I respect, Joel Klatt, either directly say or allude to the reality that Kelly had taken the program as far as it could go.

We hear excuse after excuse, and we address many of them in our most recent podcast.

It shouldn't be a surprise that people who don't follow Notre Dame on a daily basis buy into the excuses that are often provided by the former head coach, either publicly or apparently behind the scenes.

Talent is often the primary excuses, and we spend a lot of time on that. We go position by position and look at whether or not Notre Dame can, or cannot, recruit elite players at those positions. We discuss the positions where Notre Dame clearly has produced at an elite level, positions where the Irish have had championship players here and there, and positions where it's been a struggle.

During the podcast we talk about whether or not new head coach Marcus Freeman can improve some of those areas and get all the positions on the same page.

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