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Notre Dame Notebook: Bo Bauer's Hair - And Game - Keep Growing, TaRiq Bracy Heads Home

News and notes from the Notre Dame players ahead of their matchup against Stanford

News and notes from the Notre Dame players ahead of their matchup against Stanford.

Bo Bauer's Hair - And Game - Keep Growing

It’s been almost three years since Notre Dame linebacker Bo Bauer got his haircut.

The 6-3, 233-pound senior linebacker has wavy, long hair that drops well over his shoulders. When he’s going to class or doing media interviews, Bauer wears a ponytail to keep the hair under control.

On game days, Bauer’s hair hangs out of the back of his helmet. Bauer’s long hair had nothing to do with him wanting to be a rock star. He decided to grow it out accidentally.

Before Notre Dame played Clemson in the Cotton Bowl in 2018, Bauer got a bad haircut. It was so bad that after he looked in the mirror at it, Bauer shaved his head.

He hasn’t it cut since. Bauer is closing in on three years of growing his hair out.

Bauer’s mom loves his lack of a haircut.

“My mom always said it makes me easier to pick out,” Bauer said. “She asked me not to cut it until after football.”

On the field, Bauer’s haircut matches his rugged play.

He’s definitely old school, playing with an unbridled intensity that he’s had to learn to dial back in certain situations.

Bauer has worked with Dr. Amber Selking, the Notre Dame mental coach. He’s even carried some of what he’s learned on the field to his presence off the field. Bauer speaks in a measured, deliberate way. He wants to be purposeful and direct.

“I used to play too high and forget things,” he said. “You want to be able to execute. I toned it down, the execution picked up and the play got better.”

Bauer is another good player on a defense that has plenty of depth.

He is tied for third on the team with 44 tackles. He has four tackles for losses, five pass breakups and one memorable 79-yard interception return against USC that almost went for a touchdown.

TaRiq Bracy Is Headed Home

It’ll be a homecoming for TaRiq Bracy when Notre Dame plays inside Stanford Stadium against the Cardinal on Saturday.

Bracy, a 5-10 senior cornerback, played his high school football at Milpitas High School in Milpitas, California.

Bracy’s school is about 15 miles north of Palo Alto. Bracy said he’ll have about 20 or 25 close friends and family members watching him play.

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“It’s my senior year,” he said. “Being able to play at home is great. I played in Palo Alto so many times in high school. It’s kinda like a full loop coming back. I’m excited.”

Bracy, who has an interception, a fumble recovery and 35 tackles, has a year of eligibility left if he wants it. He said he hasn’t decided if he’ll return.

Foskey Credits Elston For Improved Pass Rush

Defensive end Isaiah Foskey said that defensive line coach Mike Elston has helped him find gaps and spaces to get sacks. Foskey has 10 sacks and 11.5 tackles for losses. Justin Tuck holds the season record for sacks with 13.5. Tuck did it in 2003. It’s a long shot for Foskey to get that record but he’s trying.

Foskey has had to face double teams in his last few games as defenses became aware of how disruptive he could be. That has opened up lanes for other players. Notre Dame has 13 sacks in its last two games.

“I feel like most of it comes from Coach Elston, “ Foskey said of how he’s improved his pass rush game. “He has a knack for looking at an offense and scheming up the right looks. I don’t know how he does it. He’s great at that. “

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