Notre Dame Offensive Line Has Many Questions And Is The Key To 2021 Success

Notre Dame's offensive line has many questions heading into the 2021 season, and how those questions get answered will determine the team's success

Notre Dame had one of the nation's best offensive lines in 2020 but the unit heads into 2021 as one of the biggest questions marks on the roster. There have been some decisions made that have Irish Breakdown very nervous about the unit.

We aren't all that high on Cain Madden, we don't love the idea of starting two true freshmen and there are questions about position coach Jeff Quinn. But what if we are wrong and those concerns become strengths? What would that look like for Notre Dame in 2021? We address all of that in our latest show.

Topics from today's show include:

*** The center situation, and whether or not moving Jarrett Patterson back to that spot is the right move. We discuss why it could be a mistake but also the positive reasons why it might happen, and what that would mean for Notre Dame.

*** Cain Madden - It's no secret that we aren't all that high on Madden at Irish Breakdown, but what if Madden is as good as advertised and the Notre Dame staff is correct about him? That could mean big, big things for the Irish line this season.

*** What would a move of Patterson back to center mean for Zeke Correll? Does that mean the staff is no longer confident in him, or does it mean they think he might be better served at guard.

*** We talk a lot about star freshman Blake Fisher, but we also discuss what needs to happen if the staff decides to start Fisher and fellow freshman Rocco Spindler.

*** The entire depth chart gets touched on during the show at different times.

*** We aren't all that high on Jeff Quinn as a position coach either, and the 2021 season is a big one for him. What if the 2020 season is a sign of things to come for Quinn? We discuss both sides of that issue.

*** Once we got to the Q&A session we discussed a number of topics. The show actually kicked off with the latest at the running back position, but there was also a lot of talk about wide receiver recruiting.

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