Film Room: Breaking Down Notre Dame 2023 Target Dante Moore

Breaking down elite 2023 quarterback Dante Moore, a top target for Notre Dame
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Notre Dame quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator Tommy Rees is already putting in major work on quarterbacks in the 2023 class, which is absolutely loaded. Arguably the top player on the board for the Irish is Detroit (Mich.) King standout Dante Moore.

In the above video we look at the film of Moore and talk about what makes him an elite prospect despite his youth.


Hometown: Detroit, Mich.
High School: Martin Luther King Jr.

Height: 6-2
Weight: 195

IB Grade: 5.0 (Top 25 caliber prospect)
Upside Grade: 5.0

Offers: Notre Dame, Michigan, Oregon, Penn State, Auburn, Tennessee, West Virginia, Ole Miss, Purdue, Pittsburgh, Kentucky, Louisville, Michigan State, Indiana, Arizona State, Illinois, Syracuse


Arm Strength - Moore is an effortless thrower that already has the arm power to make any throw on the field. He can power the ball vertically and gets impressive zip on tough throws like deep outs, comebacks and seam throws. Moore makes tough throws look easy due to the fact he is able to get the ball out so quickly and effortlessly, and his ball placement is quite advanced for a sophomore.

Release/Mechanics - Moore has a relatively quick release when he throws naturally, but he also shows the ability to speed up his delivery when needed. It helps him beat pressures, it helps him execute RPO type throws and it allows him to quickly set his feet and get the ball out if a wideout is about to break open. Moore can throw the ball off-platform, possessing the ability to effectively throw from different angles and on the run.

Accuracy - There is still work to be done (he's a sophomore), but Moore shows advanced accuracy and ball placement for his age. His mechanics and natural arm strength mean he doesn't have to muscle up throws, which helps him repeat his delivery and release over and over. That aids in his ability to get the ball wherever he wants, and his confidence in his ability results in him being willing to make tougher throws than most quarterbacks will make, and he can execute those throws at a high level. 

Feel For The Game/Football IQ - Moore's feel for the game and ability to process reads for a sophomore is elite. In game film you can see him quickly and cleanly working through progressions, and his timing/anticipation as a passer is exceptional for such a young quarterback. The young man knows how to play quarterback, and he's only going to get better. Moore shows a natural feel for when to power the ball on a line, when to put touch and drop it in, and when to hit that ideal intermediate velocity that is essential for getting the ball over second level defenders but in front of deep defenders.

Athleticism - Moore is a high-quality athlete that possesses above-average speed, excellent balance, strong agility and he has quick feet. Moore's quickness and pocket presence make him hard to sack and make him effective in space. He can make plays on designed runs and when plays break down, but what I love about his game is that he's a passer that can run, which means he's at his best in the pocket and even when he starts to move around he has passing on his mind, which makes him even more dangerous.


Body Needs Work - Moore is young and as expected he has a young body. He doesn't have much development and he'll need to add more girth to his frame and add a lot more strength in order to hold up once he gets to college. This is in the area for improvement category, but it also speaks to why he has such a high ceiling. He's already an elite quarterback but he's not even close to filling out his frame or getting his strength to its max level.

Can Get Loose With Mechanics - At times Moore will rush his release to the point that it throws off his release point, which can cause him to either be off target or it will sap him of needed power. As he gets stronger the latter won't be as much of a problem, but the former can be. His footwork can also get choppy at times, but at this point I'm nitpicking his game a bit.


Michigan is the favorite for Moore right now, and the Wolverines could be hard to beat due to him being from Detroit. Michigan's issues at quarterback in recent seasons and overall program turmoil could help programs like Notre Dame get more involved than would be the case in other seasons. Notre Dame must put the full court press on Moore, who has the skill to be a game-changing player for the Irish.

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