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Arrest Warrant Request Submitted for Oklahoma RB Mikey Henderson

Investigators concluded that Henderson had involvement in the alleged armed robbery that resulted in the dismissal of Trejan Bridges and Seth McGowan.

The Norman Police Department has submitted a request for an arrest warrant to the Cleveland County District Attorney’s office for University of Oklahoma football player Mikey Henderson, a Norman PD spokeswoman told SI Sooners on Tuesday.

Norman PD public information officer Sarah Jensen said NPD investigators have determined that Henderson is the third party involved in an alleged armed robbery on April 15 at the Crimson Park Apartments that resulted in the arrest of OU football players Trejan Bridges and Seth McGowan.

Here is SI Sooners’ original report of the incident involving Bridges and McGowan nearly three months ago.

Henderson’s status with the team is not yet clear.

After Bridges and McGowan’s arrests, they were suspended in the spring and removed from the roster, then eventually announced as no longer with the program a few weeks after the initial incident was reported.

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“They’re not members of our program anymore,” Lincoln Riley said on May 6. “We wish them the very best going forward.”

Felony charges for robbery, conspiracy and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon were filed against Bridges and McGowan the following day on May 7.

Norman police responded to a 911 call to the Crimson Park apartment complex just after 10 p.m. on April 15 and found a victim bleeding from the head. The victim claimed he was robbed by Bridges and McGowan, and a Cleveland County search warrant affidavit later revealed that the victim said McGowan, Bridges and a third man (presumably Henderson) allegedly robbed him at his apartment and that Bridges pointed a gun at him, kicked him several times and threatened to kill him.

Bridges’ apartment and car were searched the next day and the victim’s property — including a Glock pistol and an extended magazine — was found.

SI Sooners will continue to provide details on this continuously unfolding situation of Henderson’s involvement in the altercation and his status on the Oklahoma football team.