Caleb Williams Set to Narrow Down List of School Choices

Five-star 2021 quarterback tweeted that he intends to release a new, shorter top schools list
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Caleb Williams is back with another 'All on the Line' installment, and he's seemingly ready to winnow the field as his recruitment process ramps up.

"I've got some exciting news coming up really soon. Real soon," Williams wrote. "Make sure you check out these next few blogs because you never know what is going to happen."

An intriguing tweet from Williams pre-empted his journal entry this week, and only added fuel to the fire surrounding his pending commitment. He indicated that he'll be cutting down his list even further:

Then, as he's been wont to do in the past, Williams fed the hype machine by retweeting a response from an Oklahoma fan:

The Sooners are widely considered the leader in the clubhouse for Williams' commitment, but Penn State, Clemson, LSU and Maryland are also in the mix. Williams has repeatedly emphasized that he wants to bring an army of top prep athletes with him wherever he goes.

"I've also still been recruiting," Williams wrote. "Trying to get with some dogs. I'm trying to bring some dogs with me wherever I go. I'm trying to win. I'm trying to get more defensive players, the best offensive players from around the country. Trying to get a few nattys wherever I go... It's really been defensive guys, that I've been really trying to pick their brains to see where we can all go and have fun, have a good time and play for national championships and ultimately get to that next goal," Williams went on. 

Why is Williams so vocal about his desire to recruit elite defenders in particular? It could simply be that he wants to do his part in assembling an all-star cast at the collegiate level. 

But if one wanted to put a crimson spin on the narrative, it might read something like this: Williams realizes that porous defense is the only thing holding Lincoln Riley's Sooners back from dynastic potential. If he can help lure a wave of defensive talent to Oklahoma, he could be spearheading one of the most fearsome squads in the history of college football come 2022 or 2023.

As he's done in the past in his journal entries, Williams name-dropped a couple of the recruits he's been in contact with recently.

"Maason Smith, out of Louisiana and Korey Foreman, out of California," he wrote. "I've been talking to Latrell (McCutchin), out of Texas. Kelvin Gilliam, I've been talking to him, out of Virginia. Clayton Smith, too. J.T. (Tuimoloau), too, we were on FaceTime yesterday. We're trying to get on the same page and go to the best place for all of us."

Let's connect some dots here: All six individuals play defense. 

All six rank among the top 200 recruits in the class of 2021. 

Oh, and all six have standing offers from Oklahoma.

His mention of one name in particular, though, should raise a few eyebrows. Foreman, the top overall recruit in the class of 2021, decommitted from Clemson last week in a shocking twist of fate. Could that be the precursor to an avalanche of synchronized commitments from elite 2021 prospects, and could Norman be the rendezvous point?

If Williams is to be believed, then Sooner Nation should expect a clearer picture "real soon."

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