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Caleb Williams Gives Back, Teases 'Exciting News Coming Up'

Top 2021 quarterback prospect Caleb Williams looks back on his latest workouts, top recruiting targets and what it means to give back to his community.

Caleb Williams is the top quarterback prospect in the 2021 class with scholarship offers from elite programs coast to coast. He has agreed to give Sports Illustrated exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from his experience as a high profile recruit to his home life and preparation for his senior season. This is 'All on the Line.'

Hey guys!

Back for another week. This week wasn't as fast as last week, it was a little bit slower but I'm still working, still going. I'm staying healthy, strong and safe and I hope everybody else is, too. Making sure you're washing your hands, too. 

I've spent the past few weeks getting myself on pace under this COVID-19 quarantine, with the new online schooling, virtual football meetings that we have and then my workout plan around this tough time that we're all in. Getting into a solid groove over this quarantine, with everything.  Just being able to focus on myself since you're not around everybody and with everybody, so it's a focus on my mental, my physical and my family as well as staying safe.

This week I went and helped, and served, and passed out food for families in need. With my best friend Buck, Jalen McCain is his real name but we've called him Buck forever, basically. We passed out food boxes with the help of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity and the other organizations, including my dad's facility AR (Athletic Republic).

It was real humbling, understanding that I'm really fortunate to be in the position that I'm in. It's helping me mentally, understanding that personally I can empower and help out others in serving them and helping them every day that I can.

At Gonzaga, we go by 'Men for Others.' You see it on our scoreboards, on our shirts, in the school on the walls and things like that. We even have it on our helmets. At Gonzaga we really go by that in helping other people out. 

At our school we have our own Father Mckenna Center. I just went and did a service there at the church at my school. It serves people who are homeless or hungry, people who need help finding jobs, getting back on track. It's been there for a while. We go down there as students and it's eye-opening. You go down there and it really humbles you. You go down there to work and help others out. It really helps you mentally.

This service was at a different place with the food boxes but it was about being Men for Others. I've kind of instilled that in myself and Gonzaga has helped to instill that in me, with my coaches. We also preach it in football, even on the field. It's helping each other out in practice, in the film room. It's like a brotherhood type thing. 

Coach T (Randy Trivers) always preaches Men for Others whether it deals with football or not. He even preaches it when he's talking to us, he's like, 'be a Man for Others and be on top of your stuff, like school. Don't be in class, getting in trouble, doing all of this other stuff.' He says don't do it in school or out of school, where you can't be a man for others on the football field. 

Then you can't play that week. Don't get into fights, don't argue with the refs, because at that point you're not for others. You're hurting the others, your brothers, teammates. You know getting flags, not being able to play that game or the next game. So the whole school, football, academics, we preach Men for Others.

I threw yesterday (Saturday) with Buck and I also threw with Dont'e Thornton, he has a bunch of offers, too. Buck is committed to Boston College and not sure when Dont'e is going to commit, it'll be big news whenever he does. He's out of MSJ (Mount Saint Joseph). I was throwing with Griff (John Griffith) from St. Frances, he's a quarterback with a bunch of offers, too. 

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I worked out in the pool, also. Still doing that, along with yoga. Those are every week things. I threw with some different guys this week. 

I've also still been recruiting. Trying to get with some dogs. I'm trying to bring some dogs with me wherever I go. I'm trying to win. I'm trying to get more defensive players, the best offensive players from around the country. Trying to get a few nattys wherever I go.

It's really been defensive guys, that I've been really trying to pick their brains to see where we can all go and have fun, have a good time and play for national championships and ultimately get to that next goal. Masson Smith, out of Louisiana and Korey Foreman, out of California. I've been talking to Latrell (McCutchin), out of Texas. Kelvin Gilliam, I've been talking to him, out of Va. Clayton Smith, too. JC (Latham), too, we were on FaceTime yesterday. We're trying to get on the same page and go to the best place for all of us.

Not much recruiting-wise for me from coaches and the five schools. We really haven't been talking like that this week, it's one of the weeks it was less from the coaches. 

Everybody has their own feel. Their own, 'okay that's enough for the day' with coaches recruiting them. I'm pretty good just when it's time, I take a break and don't respond. No offense to all the coaches and stuff, but they're all trying to get you. Not just the head coaches and offensive coordinators. They have fans, the people below the coordinators and head coaches that are always on you. 

I wouldn't say it gets to be too much but you have to know how to manage it and know your limits so you don't get overwhelmed. 

As you guys saw when I Tweeted, I've got some exciting news coming up really soon. Real soon. 

Make sure you check out these next few blogs because you never know what is going to happen.

Alrighty everybody, signing off for Caleb Williams: All on the Line. Make sure you're staying healthy, staying safe. 

Make sure you wash your hands. 

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