Hubbard Talks About Quarantine and Non-Profit in ESPN Feature

Oklahoma State running back Chuba Hubbard was featured in an ESPN article detailing his time spent in quarantine during the spring, as well as the nonprofit charity he's starting
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STILLWATER -- When it was announced in early May that Chuba Hubbard had named the winner of the Cornish Trophy, Canada's equivalent the Heisman Trophy, everyone found out how Chuba had spent his time away from Stillwater.

When the lockdown happened, we found out that he and linebacker Amen Ogbongbemiga had spent roughly a month in Baltimore with former Oklahoma State running back Justice Hill.

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The football team left for spring break, but couldn't come back to campus to finish spring football. So, there was some concern about if and how the team would stay in shape.

Well, I'd say working out with an NFL running back every day will help keep someone in shape.

Chuba also posted on Twitter on throughout the end of may that he was going to be making an announcement on June 11.

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Well, in a feature from ESPN on how college athletes have dealt with the lockdown and quarantine the past few months, Hubbard went into more detail about the time he spent away from Stillwater, as well as going into detail about his June 11 Twitter announcement: a nonprofit.

"I just try to use it as a time to grow as a person, and obviously grow as a football player, but mostly off-the-field stuff. I'm starting a nonprofit, so I've had a lot more time to work on that.

It's called Your Life, Your Choice. It's aimed to help kids who are in negative environments, kids who are in trouble, put them in positive environments and teach them life skills, leadership skills, really trying to help them develop as a person. The other aspect is to help families that are on welfare, help parents find jobs, help kids get an education. I'll start up local, but I hope we one day can be international, where I can help kids all across the world. Just growing up, my family had its struggles, but I was really lucky, I had a lot of support around me. Without those people, I wouldn't be where I am. I want to be that for kids that don't have what I had." -- As told to Adam Rittenberg

Chuba has definitely used his time well off the field. Not only did he launch a nonprofit, but he released a video on Twitter Thursday evening, his birthday, and it was very strong and impactful.

"It is time to bring change," Hubbard said. "Too many people have been silent. Too many people have been brushing it off. Black lives do matter. And we will bring change together, whether you are with us or not."