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LIVE UPDATES: No. 11 Oregon vs. Oregon State

Follow along as the Ducks look to clinch the Pac-12 North over their rivals.

When: Saturday November 27, 2021, Approx. 12:30 pm PT

Where: Autzen Stadium (Eugene, Oregon)


Stream: FUBOTV

Broadcast Crew: Dave Pasch (Play-by-play), Dusty Devoracek (Analyst), Tom Luginbill (Sideline report)

Radio: Oregon Sports Network from Learfield IMG College, local radio: KUJZ-FM 95.3 (Eugene), KFXX-AM 1080 (Portland), Sirius: 133 | XM: 197

Live updates: Follow Dylan Reubenking, Max Torres and Ally Osborne on Twitter as well as our live updates story posted on Ducks Digest on game day.




- Brown keeps and slides into OSU territory for five yards. Oregon State is not calling timeouts and the clock runs out. Oregon is headed to its third straight Pac-12 Championship Game and will face Utah in a rematch.

- Spencer Webb recovers the onside kick at the 43.

Oregon drive 1:07:


- Nolan carries for a 1-yard touchdown. A fight breaks out in the end zone with multiple penalties for unsportsmanlike conduct, and Harrison is ejected for fighting. Popo Aumavae was down on the field. On the two-point attempt, Dontae Manning is called for holding, and on the second try, Nolan throws to Beason for the two-point conversion. 38-29 Oregon (1:08 4Q)

- On fourth-and-10, Nolan lobs it up to Beason for a first down at the 1-yard line.

- Nolan is pressured by a number of Ducks and throws it into the dirt.

- Nolan fires to Harrison, who is hit high by Verone McKinley III. Play is reviewed and overturned. There is no targeting.

- Thibodeaux pressures Nolan, who dumps it off to Baylor, who drops the pass.

- Nolan finds Lowe, who shifts and sprints to the sideline for a first down.

- Now Oregon State's line jumps and is called for a false start.

- On first-and-short, Nolan has to throw it quickly due to pressure from Brandon Dorlus and it falls incomplete.

- Thibodeaux jumps offsides again as Nolan finds Beason for a short gain. Oregon calls its second timeout.

- Nolan throws under pressure again to Lowe, and Thibodeaux is called for offsides.

- Anthony Gould makes his first catch on the back-shoulder throw from Nolan for a first down.

- Nolan is clobbered by Thibodeaux, and the throw is nearly intercepted by DJ James.

- Nolan's throw is caught by Bradford for six yards.

- A scuffle breaks out and flags fly after the kickoff bounces into the end zone. Offsetting penalties are called on each team.

OSU drive 3:14:


- Dye carries up the middle for a 1-yard touchdown. PAT is GOOD. 38-21 Oregon (3:14 4Q)

- Oregon calls timeout as the play clock was down to one second.

- Cardwell carries to the right for 31 yards and a first down to the 1-yard line.

- Cardwell spins and gets blasted for a gain of six. Oregon State calls its first timeout with 4:34 remaining.

- Oregon is called for another false start — the second on this drive.

- Dye carries through a huge hole for a first down. 15 yards on the play.

- Dye crosses midfield for four yards.

- On third-and-8, Brown stays in the pocket and darts it to Hutson for 20 yards.

- On second-and-13, Brown throws to Dye, who can't force the missed tackle by Omar Speights. Dye picks up five.

- Ducks are called for a false start on TJ Bass.

- Dye spins for two yards.

- The kickoff goes right to Hutson at the 25.

Oregon drive 8:28:


- Nolan throws to Bradford for a 15-yard touchdown. On the two-point conversion, Nolan overthrows Bradford. 31-21 Oregon (8:28 4Q)

- Nolan throws to Bradford, who shakes Dontae Manning and runs 15 yards for the first down. Kayvon Thibodeaux was down on the field but is back in the huddle.

- Nolan finds Beason, who sprints for a first down.

- Nolan scrambles and tries to dump it off to Quitoriano. Thibodeaux rocks Nolan as soon as he lets go of the ball.

- Nolan's throw is incomplete and dropped by Harrison.

- The Beavers try an onside kick and is recovered by John Miller at the 48-yard line.

OSU drive 9:54:


- On first-and-goal, Baylor dives for the end zone for a four-yard touchdown. On the second two-point conversion attempt, Nolan's throw to Bradford is caught but stopped by McKinley. 31-15 Oregon (9:57 4Q)

- Nolan can't find anyone, so he checks down to Lowe who runs for a small gain, but Thibodeaux throws him down late and is called for a personal foul.

- Nolan throws to the opposite sideline for Tre'Shaun Harrison, who ducks a defender and evades others for a gain of 21.

- Oregon is called for offsides.

- Nolan strikes to Musgrave, who was wide open, and the tight end earns 35 yards. 

OSU drive 12:00:


- Brown throws over the middle to Kris Hutson for a seven-yard touchdown. PAT is GOOD. 31-9 Oregon (12:00 4Q)

- Brown fires to Hutson for 25 yards to the 6-yard line.

- Brown carries for no gain.

- Dye fights through a bunch of arm tackles and gets to the 32 for a first down.

- On second-and-12, Brown scrambles and throws complete to Hutson, who gets the first down.




- An illegal snap penalty is called on Alex Forsyth, and Brown carries on the ensuing snap for three yards.

- Brown fakes the handoff to Cardwell and throws to Ferguson in space, and the freshman tight end gets a great block by Hutson for a first down.

- Dye carries and powers forward for a first down.

- Brown carries and slides, losing the football in the process, but he appears to be down. The ruling on the field is that Oregon State recovered the fumble, but after review Brown was ruled down. Second-and-5 for Oregon.

Oregon drive 3:03:


- Nolan throws down the field for Champ Flemings with Jamal Hill in coverage, and Verone McKinley III sprints to the sideline to break up the pass. Ducks get a third down stop.

- Thibodeaux and Nate Heaukulani blows up yet another run by Baylor, who gets one on the play.

- Lowe comes in and carries for two yards. Jayson Jones in on the tackle.

- Nolan scrambles and tosses for Musgrave for a first down. 

- Baylor runs right into Thibodeaux for no gain.

- Baylor runs behind Colletto for eight yards.

- On the punt return, the Beavers are called for illegal block out of bounds. OSU takes over at the 19.

OSU drive 6:10:


- Brown throws into traffic again to Franklin on a screen, but he is brought down for a loss. Ducks punt for the first time today.

- Brown tosses to Terrance Ferguson to the 40. Ferguson fumbled but recovered.

- False start called on the Ducks.

- Dye carries and is brought down by Avery Roberts. Four yard pickup.

- Brown finds Dye on a swing pass, and he darts for the marker and lowers his head for the first down.

- Brown throws to Williams, who makes his sixth catch for five yards.

- Brown throws into heavy traffic on a play action to Hutson, who is wrapped up immediately for no gain.

Oregon drive 10:33:


- Nolan throws to an open Musgrave for a four-yard touchdown. On the two-point conversion, Colletto comes in and tries to pitch backwards, but the ball is batted by Thibodeaux. 24-9 Oregon (10:33 3Q)

- Nolan returns on third-and-goal and throws to Lindsey, but the pass goes through his arms.

- Jack Colletto comes into the game lined up at wildcat quarterback, and he carries right into the arms of Kayvon Thibodeaux.

- Nolan throws short to Teagan Quitoriano, who bounces off of Wright and is popped by Sewell. Gain of 12 to the 3-yard line. Wright is down and holding his left shoulder.

- Nathan Eldridge is called for holding, moving the ball back to the 15.

- Chance Nolan hurls the ball downfield to Trevon Bradford, who makes the tough catch with Mykael Wright all over him. Thibodeaux hit Nolan, who makes a 27-yard completion.

- Two Ducks can't tackle Lowe as he stumbles for another first down. Beavers are getting great blocking in the run game.

- Lowe picks up seven as the Beavers are already at the Oregon 40.

- Dorlus got into the backfield early on another Baylor carry, but he can't bring him down and Baylor pushes forward for 10.


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- Baylor carries for seven yards, tackled by Thibodeaux and Sewell.

- Jesiah Irish returns the opening kickoff 36 yards to the 36.

OSU drive 14:54:


HALFTIME: 24-3 Oregon

HALFTIME THOUGHTS: Oregon Leads Oregon State 24-3


- Oregon State calls a timeout after considering a 59-yard field goal, and Nolan chucks it into the end zone and is picked off by Trikweze Bridges.

- Nolan throws complete to Beason at the 41 as Oregon jumps offsides with three seconds left. OSU takes a timeout.

- Beavers don't take the timeout with time winding down, and Nolan runs out of bounds for seven yards with nine seconds left.

- Nolan fires to Bradford complete for a first down.

- Nolan fires to Trevon Bradford for six yards on the opposite sideline.

- Nolan throws complete to Musgrave for three yards.

OSU drive 0:35:


- After an Oregon timeout, Brown carries and dives for a 10-yard touchdown. PAT is GOOD. 24-3 Oregon (0:35 2Q)

- Brown throws complete to a wide open Franklin, who powers forward for a first down at the 10.

- Brown's pass is behind Hutson and batted away by Jaydon Grant.

- Brown keeps the handoff and runs for a first down. Dawson Jaramillo and Travis Dye blocking upfield. Oregon takes its first timeout.

- Brown has no room to run, and the Beavers take their first timeout with a third-and-5 for the Ducks.

- Brown improvises and scrambles for five yards.

- Devon Williams gets the catch close to a first down.

- Brown overthrows Troy Franklin deep, who had space against Rejzohn Wright.

- Dye powers up the middle for a first down.

- Brown keeps again and moves into Oregon State territory and comes up a yard short of the first down.

- Brown carries for four yards up the middle.

- Brown throws to an open Williams for his fourth catch and a first down. 

- Dye is tackled for a loss.

- Seven McGee takes the punt back to the 30.

Oregon drive 5:47:


- Nolan overthrows Bradford, and the Beavers will punt.

- Baylor gets a pitch and is rocked by McKinley again, and Baylor thinks he wasn't done and takes off, but the play is ruled dead.

- Trey Lowe gets the ball on a reverse, but Verone McKinley III makes an incredible tackle in space.

- Nolan fakes the handoff and tosses to Musgrave for 11 yards and a first down.

OSU drive 8:06:


- Camden Lewis' 36-yard field goal is GOOD. 17-3 Oregon (8:06 2Q)

- Brown throws short to Dont'e Thornton, who makes the catch for 10 yards. Ducks will try the field goal.

- Ducks will face an ever longer third down after Jackson Powers-Johnson is called for a false start.

- Brown lobs it up for Hutson, but the pass is out of the reach of the receiver. Third-and-13 coming.

- Dye runs wild in the backfield in motion and gets the catch in space, but Andrzej Hughes-Murray gets the tackle for a loss of three.

- Brown fires to Dye, who stops and comes back for the catch at the 20 for a first down. Ducks are 4-of-5 on third down so far.

- Brown airmails Kris Hutson in the end zone.

- Brown fakes to Dye and carries for four yards.

- Malaesala Aumavae-Laulu, the starting right tackle, walked to the locker room on his own power.

- Brown throws low to Williams, who scoops it up and evades a tackle for 18 yards.

- Cardwell carries for a two-yard gain into OSU territory.

- Brown finds Williams for 13 yards on a crosser.

- Seven McGee gets his first touch on a jet sweep and moves the chains.



- Brown carries for six yards on the final play of the first quarter.

Oregon drive 0:18:


- Everett Hayes knocks through a 38-yard field goal. 14-3 Oregon (0:24 1Q)

- Nolan throws behind Tyjon Lindsey on a short slant, and Lindsey brings it in for a first down. After review, the pass was ruled incomplete. Jamal Hill in coverage.

- Baylor carries to the 20 for three yards. Another third-and-long coming up for the Beavers.

- Nolan fires into the end zone while under pressure by Mase Funa, who puts a huge hit on Nolan and the pass is incomplete.

- Baylor bounces off multiple tackles and churns up 15 yards. Sewell and James couldn't bring him down.

- Nolan finds Zeriah Beason on a crosser for 11 yards and a first down on third-and-9.

- Nolan is pressured and throws incomplete to Trevon Bradford. Kayvon Thibodeaux and Popo Aumavae brought pressure in the backfield.

- Baylor carries for no gain with Popo Aumavae on the stop in the middle.

- Nolan throws complete to Luke Musgrave for 25 yards, and the Beavers are already to midfield.

OSU drive 4:07:


- Brown throws on the run for Devon Williams and finds him in stride for a 50-yard touchdown. PAT is GOOD. 14-0 Oregon (4:07 1Q). Ducks quickly go 96 yards for their second score.

- Brown throws to Spencer Webb to midfield. Brown has had a lot of time to throw so far in the opening quarter.

- Cardwell's first carry goes for two yards as he's thrown down by Avery Roberts, who is recovering from a sprained ankle last week.

- Brown fakes the handoff to Byron Cardwell and uses great blocking upfield for a first down.

- Brown throws to Travis Dye in space for 20 yards. Dye was wide open in the flat.

- Dye pushes forward for another three yards.

- The punt is downed at Oregon's 4, where Dye gets the carry for three yards.

Oregon drive 7:46:


- Brandon Dorlus throws Baylor backward to force a fourth down. After a terrible performance on third down last week, the Ducks get their first stop of the day.

- Chance Nolan makes his first throw, completing to Luke Musgrave at midfield.

- Trey Lowe carries for two yards, slowed down by Brandon Dorlus and stopped by Noah Sewell.

- Baylor carries up the middle for a first down and seven yards. DJ James makes the stop.

- BJ Baylor carries for four yards on his first touch. Mykael Wright makes the tackle.

- Camden Lewis' kick goes out of bounds, and the Beavers will take over at the 35.

Oregon State 10:53:


- The Ducks go for it and get the first down and more on a Dye carry to the left for a 20-yard touchdown. PAT is GOOD. 7-0 Oregon (10:53 1Q)

- Dye carries, and Jaydon Grant makes a great stop to force a fourth-and-short in the red zone. After review, he was ruled short.

- Brown keeps and carries for eight yards.

- Brown overthrows Troy Franklin into the end zone.

- Dye shakes off a tackle in the backfield and earns the first down.

- Travis Dye gets his first carry and runs straight up the middle for a gain of nine.

- Brown fakes the handoff and throws middle and behind Hutson, who makes the catch to the OSU 45.

- Brown throws low and complete to Kris Hutson for five yards.

- Anthony Brown carries on the first snap and picks up 12 yards.

- Oregon State wins the toss and defers to the second half.

Oregon drive 15:00:



- DJ Johnson is OUT for today's game. He is not dressed.


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