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Dan Lanning Arizona Week Press Conference

Oregon draws Arizona for another late kick in week 6.
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It's Monday, which means that Dan Lanning met with reporters for his weekly press conference. 

He gave his final thoughts on the win over Stanford and what lies ahead with Oregon's next opponent the Arizona Wildcats.

Below are some quotes from Lanning as well as the full video of the press conference.

Opening statement: "Fun to come off of a big win. Talked about it before there's a lot of things that I think we can improve on. We gotta move quickly here. It's a quick turnaround when you have a night game. Quickly moving into a good team in Arizona. I think they have some of the best talent especially on the offensive side of the ball for them. Coach Fisch does a really good job of mixing up looks but they have really talented wideouts, their quarterback is playing at a really high level right now so they present a unique challenge for us. We're excited to get down to Tucson and attack 'em."

Question: "You mentioned their quarterback is pretty good. He's thrown for almost 900 yards the last two weeks. What do you do to slow that guy down and is it mostly what he does or is it also a product of their talent at wide receiver?"

Lanning: "I think this is maybe the most talented team we've played so far at wideout. They have really really talented wideouts but I think this quarterback really can play well. He throws lasers. He throws the ball on rhythm and on a dart and he doesn't need a big window to be able to attack. He's able to extend plays with his feet. This is a really good challenge for us."

Question: "I don't think we've asked you about the scuffle on the sideline. Did you have to address anything with your players or is there kind of an understanding of what took place there?"

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Lanning: "I think everybody understands it's not what we want to be. Everybody wants to protect their teammates and you operate in moments of passion, but there's certain ways you handle situations and certain ways you don't. That's one that we don't want for us. It didn't help us. There was no benefit there. We absolutely addressed it and moving on to it."

Question: "Wondering if there's anything new with Justin (Flowe) if it's looking like he might be able to go on Saturday?"

Lanning: "I think things are trending in the right direction for Justin."

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