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During TCU's game against the University of California, Corey Bethley, Patrick Jenkins, Earl Barquet, Terrell Cooper, and Jaquaze Sorrells all played and registered at least one tackle. During the ensuing weeks' practice for the SMU game, Corey Bethley would be hurt in practice and has not seen the field since. Sorrells has not been seen or heard of since. The TCU run defense has not been seen or heard of since. Thus begging the question, "Can TCU slow down Oklahoma's run game at all?" Or will the Sooner Schooner run through the TCU defense as unimpeded as it did during its settlement days? 

With Kennedy Brooks and Caleb Williams in the backfield, TCU can only hope to slow down the ground attack, but they can only get in OU's way if they have the manpower. With Bethley out, SMU ran for 350 yards against the Frogs, Texas for 272 and Texas Tech for 214. That type of performance will not get it done against Oklahoma, and the Frogs need to either get Corey Bethley back or grow up fast. Considering OU running back Kennedy Brooks ran for 168 and 147 yards against TCU in his two previous matchups against better run defenses, this matchup does not bode well for TCU.

There is a key matchup that does bode well for the Frogs though, and that is the matchup between Marvin Mims and Tre'Vius Hodges-Tomlinson. While Mims went off on TCU for 132 yards and two touchdowns on four receptions last year, Tomlinson was not covering him. Also last year, Dee Winters got picked by the referee while covering Sims which left him wide open for a 50-yard Touchdown. THT has been playing out of his mind the last two weeks, shutting down UT's Xavier Worthy and TT's Erik Ezukanma while registering a pick six in Lubbock. Mims is a similar player to Worthy and THT is the perfect lockdown corner to matchup against Mims, who will not be flying under the TCU coaches radar this year.

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Conversely, while TCU fans want to pound the rock, the Frogs will not come away with a win in Norman without having a balanced attack.  Whoever is playing quarterback is going to need the offensive line to hold up in pass protection and then find the open receiver quickly. TCU will need to find success in the power run to open up the play action, but they will also need to be able to find success in the spread offense. Like OU's Lincoln Riley, TCU's Doug Meacham will need to find and exploit mismatches, and there are weaknesses and mismatches to exploit across the Oklahoma secondary. One of or a combination of Taye Barber, J.D. Spielman, Darius Davis, and Blair Cartwright will need to exploit their one on one matchups as they are all capable of, and Meacham and the TCU quarterback will need to find them.

2021 team statistics

TCUTeam StatisticsOklahoma


Points per game



Points allowed per game



Total Yards



Yards Passing



Yards Rushing



Yards allowed per game



Passing yards allowed per game



Rushing yards allowed per game



Passing yards per attempt



Rushing yards per attempt



3rd down conversion %


Taking a look at the team statistics through Week 6. TCU has the advantage in rushing yards, passing yards against, and third down conversion percentage. Those stats will need to hold true tomorrow night for TCU to get the upset win in Norman.