KillerFrogs is proud to provide a section, on FanNation, to capture and share meaningful moments in TCU fans' lives.  We are starting with Dean Dodson.  His love and passion for TCU are something else.  He is literally a walking Wikipedia of TCU knowledge and history.  His love for TCU was instilled in him from the day he was born. So it's only fitting, to begin with, an introduction to Dean's mom and dad written by Dean.  This year will be the first year Dean will go to the SMU game without his dad. Dean, we know your parents will be sitting with you in spirit.  Go Frogs! 

Good Morning Horned Frogs Nation!

I wanted to share this brief story about The TCU Effect. This is a photo of my parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde H. Dodson Jr., arriving for the Texas game in November of 1970. My mother always dressed to impress and was such a beautiful and incredibly talented, smart, compassionate woman. She did not attend TCU, but because of the love and admiration my father had, to this university, she went to games, yelled like no other, and proudly sang the school song afterward, never leaving early, despite the score. 

Their love was a fairytale made straight out of a movie; a mutual unconditional love that, as their son, was amazing to see. My mother passed away in November of 2014 due to complications from emergency surgery. My passion, love, and respect for the university is exactly the same kind of love and respect my parents had for each other. It's not just a school we cheer for, but a family we can lean on and share with at any time. These are my early memories of going to TCU football games and no matter what the result of the game was, these are my best memories. I'm blessed to be a part of this group and able to share and even more importantly I was blessed that God chose these two people to be my parents. 

-Dean Dodson

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