Prospect Interview: 2023 Carrollwood Day School Offensive Lineman Clay Wedin

With an ongoing theme of previewing top 2023 Florida prospects, today presented the opportunity to interview top-notch offensive line recruit Clay Wedin from Carrollwood Day School. He’s already being recruited by several programs across the country.
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There will be several updates regarding top underclassmen in Florida from now through the end of the 2021 football season. The Sunshine State will be loaded with prospects at several different positions, and there’s no time like the present to start bringing their talents to the attention of football fans.

Even though it’s early for the class of 2023, some prospects already possess several scholarship offers. One of the most highly recruited prospects from the state of Florida hails from Tampa, and he’s being recruited by some of the nation’s best. Here’s an interview with a tremendously talented offensive tackle that just keeps on racking up scholarship offers.

Clay Wedin

Vitals: 6’6”, 290-pounds

Position: Offensive Tackle/Guard

High School: Tampa (Fla.) Carrollwood Day School

Clay Wedin, Offensive Line, Tampa (Fla.) Carrollwood Day School

Clay Wedin, Offensive Line, Tampa (Fla.) Carrollwood Day School

Film Review: There’s a reason Wedin received offers from prominent programs. He’s already adept at switching from one block and moving to the next and doing so without losing his technique. He’s also good at blocking space against much smaller defenders and finds a way to consistently extend his long arms and lock out edge rushers. The only question about Wedin is will he end up at guard or end up at tackle? He appears to be capable of playing either, so perhaps it just depends on the school Wedin signs with. Now onto the interview.

At What Weight did you play last fall for CDS?

“Last fall, last fall I played at about 280(-pounds),” Wedin stated.

Did you play tackle or guard last fall?

“Um, mainly tackle but I played one game at guard.”

Going into the 2021 season, which position or positions are the CDS coaches most likely to line you up at?

“Right now it’s uncertain, but right now it’s most likely left guard.”

Switching to recruiting, which schools have you hit already for visits?

“Um, so far I’ve hit Florida, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Georgia, and Clemson.”

Did you camp at any of the schools, or just unofficial visits?

“Just unofficial visits.”

Does any particular school stand out in any way?

“All of them have their own pro’s. All of them have great culture, great environment. They're all just a little different from one another."

Did you talk with any head coaches while you were on the visits?

“I talked to Coach Norvel a little bit at Florida State. I talked with Coach Collins a little bit at Georgia Tech, and said hi to Coach Smart (at Georgia) and Coach Mullen (at Florida), but no real formal conversations."

Who are some of the schools you have offers from?

“Just some of the schools that offered, let’s see, Alabama, Ohio State, Georgia, Florida, Florida State, LSU, Auburn, Tennessee, Kentucky...those are some of them. There are a few others."

Do you care if you go far from home for college or is that a factor?

“It’s a very minor factor. If both schools have the exact same development program and academics, I’d probably pick the closer one, but that’s not going to limit me if I have a better fit that’s farther away from home.”

What about the opportunity to play tackle or guard? Does that impact your decision?

“No sir, just whatever will help the team the most. Just want to be a team player, and see how I can contribute the fastest with whichever team I play with.”

Final Thoughts

Wedin prefers the opportunity to just work hard and continue to grind. He’s not worried about the accolades or the opportunities to be on the cover of a website or magazine. That’s why hardly anyone knows that much about him. Further, he plays with a very talented group of offensive linemen, and that helps to motivate him and the other guys across the front line.

Wedin does not even go to many camps or combines. Then again, he’s already earned a bunch of offers. He will earn more, as he’s only a rising junior, but he takes it in stride. Wedin will be one of Florida's top prospects for the class of 2023.

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