Interview with UCF Football Prospect Carlton Madden, Jr.

UCF Football will host yet another top recruit with Carlton Madden, Jr. coming to Orlando next week. Madden answered questions regarding his recruitment with Inside The Knights.
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The UCF Football program continued to work its connections over the course of the past few months, and it’s paying off in Georgia amongst other talent-rich areas. A talented edge rusher will be headed to Orlando on July 29th.

Carlton Madden, Jr. will sojourn to Orlando to unofficially visit UCF holds significance for three primary reasons. 1) He’s making an unofficial visit which means he can also later take an official visit in which UCF pays for him to come to campus. 2) Madden will make the visit despite the fact UCF Head Coach Gus Malzahn did not yet offer him a scholarship. For Madden to unofficially visit without an offer signifies his true interest in UCF. 3) Madden is yet another talented prospect from Ellenwood (Ga.) Cedar Grove that’s interested in the Knights, and that’s one of the best talent-producing high school football programs in the state of Georgia. That’s a great program to keep open lines of communication.

As for the 6’3”, 240-pound outside linebacker/defensive end and his abilities, he’s best described as a prospect with a high ceiling, i.e. he’s just now filling out his frame and will play along the edge of the defensive line. One of the premium recruiting positions, being an edge rusher has seen Madden earn scholarships from numerous programs.

One of the recent offers was a big one, as the Georgia Bulldogs extended an offer to Madden. He was previously committed to Colorado, but opened his recruitment back up with budding recruiting interest from Georgia and several other programs.

First off, which coach from UCF is specifically recruiting you?

“Uh, Coach (Addison) Williams, the Cornerback Coach,” Madden replied.

Have you talked with UCF Defensive Coordinator Travis Williams yet or not?

“I don’t think he’s texted me, but I think he’s following me on Twitter.”

So why are you coming down to UCF?

“You know, ever since I was at (UCF) camp in early June, I had a good showing there. UCF wanted to keep close contact, keep up with me throughout the recruiting process and things like that. They told me they wanted me to come out (to campus). I just had to pick a day that worked with me and my family getting down there. July 29th was the perfect day.

“So, you know, I’m headed down there. They were impressed with my showing at the camp. You know, me and Coach Williams were talking about fixing this after the camp, tweaking this after the camp. And yeah, that’s how we exchanged numbers and things like that.”

What position specifically are you being recruited by the Knights?

“Um, definitely edge rusher. You know, a standup rush-the-passer type (of player).”

What is it you weigh right now, 235, 240, somewhere in that range?

“Yeah, 240.”

Do you have any real thoughts about the UCF campus? Didn’t know if you had a chance to tour it while you were down at UCF the first time.

“Yeah, actually, the first time I didn’t go (tour the campus). Last minute things, didn’t go. So when I go out there on the 29th (of July) it will be my first time (seeing the UCF campus). I have been to Orlando before. I really liked it, you know like the scenery and the beautiful city that it is. That’s one of my interests.”

Do you have anything in particular you want to find out about UCF when you come down for your visit?

“Really everything. I just want to tour the facilities, see what it’s like, you know academic stuff, I do have questions. Academic questions, things like that. You know, I’m just pretty open to everything. I can’t wait.”

What is it that you’re trying to major in?

“Business or engineering.”

What other schools have you visited this summer?

“I’ve been to UGA, then Georgia Tech, been to Ole Miss, and to Colorado. I’ve been to UGA like two or three times. That’s about it.”

Did you take an official visit to Colorado?

“Yeah, it was an official (visit).”

Where else have you visited officially?

“That was my only official visit so far.”

Was Georgia the school you grew up rooting for?

“Yeah, you know, my family, my grand dad, they were Georgia fans. You know, being around them had an influence like ‘Go Dawgs’ and things like that.”

What other schools are you likely to take an official visit, and the visit you’re taking to UCF official or unofficial?

“You know, they (UCF) haven’t actually offered me yet. You know hopefully when I go down there they’ll offer me because they did see what I can do at their camp.”

Any other schools you have lined up for an official visit, or is that still open?

“That’s still open. I do need to lock in a couple of dates (for official visits). I know I’ll try to get back out to Ole Miss in September when things open back up.”

What about distance from home, does that really matter to you or is it not a factor?

“Uh, not really. As long as I’m not like going a million miles away. Yeah, I would say it doesn’t really matter to me. It doesn’t really weigh a negative factor for me. I’m pretty open about distance and stuff.”

Transitioning from the interview into Madden as a player, he really developed over the course of the past year. He went from being a defensive back in size, at roughly 180-pounds last season, to now weighing 240-pounds. 

His recruitment skyrocketed. He’s the type of high ceiling recruit that college coaches often find to be really intriguing and that’s likely why UCF was happy to see Madden during its camp during the month of June. As for his natural football skills, Madden could also play offense if he wanted, as the following video show helps to display:

While most likely a defensive prospect, knowing that Madden could also be a tight end makes him an even more intriguing college football prospect. Here’s a clip of Madden hitting the sled during a July 5th workout:

(Video provided by Inside The Knights)

Madden is one of the rising senior prospects from Georgia and the Knights are certainly fortunate to be receiving an unofficial visit with him and his family later this month. Now the question becomes will the Knights offer him a scholarship? A person would think so but that’s why Madden needs to visit UCF. He needs to meet Coach Malzahn, as well as Travis Williams, the UCF Defensive Coordinator.

Those meetings, along with touring the campus and getting academic questions answered will help to better evaluate where Madden stands with earning an offer from UCF.

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