UCF Football Branding its Helmets through Social Media

The UCF Football program has fantastic helmet designs that are being broadcasted across social media platforms. The helmets are cool, and so are the ways those helmets are being presented to fans.
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ORLANDO - There’s a different style for UCF Football helmets. The design of the helmets is constantly changing, yet creative so that the Knights are wearing some of the flashiest designs each week.

What’s the big deal with a helmet? Well, it represents a university, to begin with. Each institution has its own brand that’s represented by its football team, and the helmet is often one of the first things people often think of even when it’s not football that’s being discussed.

When the Knights come out of the tunnel, one of the first things people notice: the helmets. Even in the press box, yes, the helmets are a topic of discussion as soon as the Knights hit the field in the Bounce House. Then when UCF Football places a video like this one on Twitter, it catches one’s attention:

That video is a representation of how the college football programs brand themselves in today’s society. Twitter, as well as Instagram, are two mainstays for how millions of people communicate, and the Knights consistently do a great job of placing content on both of those platforms, as well as others, that’s fun for people to see. It also helps to have some really cool designs being placed on the helmets.

Few college football programs provide helmets with as much pizazz as UCF.

Few college football programs provide helmets with as much pizazz as UCF.

There have been many helmet designs for the Knights, and even some designs aligned with holidays and American tradition. Check out the picture below with the top white helmet having red, white and blue to represent America.

UCF Entrance with Helmets

While UCF changes its front entry way every now and again, there’s consistently something new with the uniform designs that are shown directly across from UCF Head Coach Gus Malzahn’s office. With that in mind, a question for UCF fans and college football fans alike.

What do you think? Does Oregon have a better collection of helmets than UCF? Another school perhaps? Regardless of one’s personal ranking, the Knights have really cool helmets with tweets and instagram posts that come out showing off the helmets, and the players, too. Take a look at the Isaiah Bowser video with the Mario Kart turtle inserted inside of it. Jaylon Robinson’s post-Boise State press conference comments regarding Bowser bouncing off tacklers like the turtle essentially created the idea of the following video.

Not all schools go with the changing designs like UCF, or creative videos like the one above. That’s fine, too. Notre Dame’s famed gold helmets, the number on the side of Alabama helmets that’s classic, represent their brands the way they want. Occasionally Notre Dame or Alabama will do something different, but most people know the standard helmet worn by players for those schools. Then there’s Oregon and their uniform package, especially the helmets that change from week to week.

Oregon's uniforms 'pop' and the helmets are the trademark of the overall uniform design.

Oregon's uniforms 'pop' and the helmets are the trademark of the overall uniform design.

The Ducks were probably the first program to consistently market their program with uniform changes, and deserve credit for many other programs following their lead. It also helps to have Nike creator Phil Knight as an alumnus, but it’s still true that Oregon’s uniform designs are really creative from week to week, especially the helmets.

UCF falls in line more with Oregon than Notre Dame or Alabama, and that’s what works for UCF. It’s a football program on the rise and the branding from the helmets helps to represent the school as much as the Football program.

What’s next for the Knights? Well, if you follow the UCF Football program’s social media pages, one will probably see what the Knights plan to do next. UCF Football is on a run of really cool helmet designs that are definitely some of the best in all of college football.

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