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UCF Football in the Power Five, What it Will Mean for the Knights and the Big XII

UCF to the Big XII. There are many different ways it impacts UCF and the Big XII. Here’s a look at a few of those topics.

It’s apparent that UCF is headed to the Big XII. Well, it appears that way based on what pretty much everyone in the media is hearing, Inside The Knights included. Legal points of interest aside that make a big conference change official, this is a unique situation for UCF and the Big XII.

For years the Knights have been rumored to be headed to the Big XII. Once finally admitted, there are a couple of key points. Before delving into those areas, note that an opportunity to land more exposure for the institution and the UCF Athletic Department is going to take place, beginning in the state of Florida.

Just looking at the UCF Football program, it has oftentimes been overshadowed by in-state Power Five programs. Now the Knights will no longer be left out of the media mix, which is a major obstacle for Group of Five schools. Outside of Orlando, UCF is not often discussed. That will change with joining the Big XII. Now a look at three interesting points of interest for UCF Football and the Big XII.

UCF Recruiting

Playing in Texas cities like Dallas, Houston, Waco and Lubbock adds opportunities to recruit the Lone Star State, as does the expanded television market that will be seeing UCF far more than ever before. The roster will likely look at least a little bit different with direct ties to Texas. Even adding three, perhaps four or five more Texas recruits during a two-year recruiting span can help bolster the roster and depth chart.

The expanded television coverage could also aid UCF in plucking a recruit from other areas of the United States. There’s no true limit to where UCF’s brand will be spread when one considers how broad a national television package truly is. Just discussing it impacts the 2022 class.

Be assured that the UCF coaching staff will mention this opportunity to recruits, assuming it is publicly announced fairly soon. Further, this is not a topic that UCF Head Coach Gus Malzahn and his staff will need to wait to share with prospects because they can simply mention the topic to recruits for now. No need for details really. Just bring it up and let prospects know that news is soon coming. It’s great for the overall recruiting efforts for the Knights by planting that seed with recruits.

Direct Path to the College Football Playoffs

UCF will likely struggle to reach the playoffs under the current system. It’s very difficult. Inside a Power Five Conference, there’s more opportunity. The games are played nationally, more coverage before and after games, and it’s a chance for College Football Playoffs Committee members to see the Knights play better overall competition.

The Big XII lost really good members in Oklahoma and Texas, but the league will allegedly add BYU, Cincinnati and Houston along with UCF. It’s still a good bet to be a prime source for teams to be added to the College Football Playoffs. All the new teams mean an opportunity for everyone to see different matchups and different locations, which leads to rivalries being formed.

New Rivalries

One of the great aspects of college football would be rivalries. The newly formed Big XII will create new rivalries, new places for fans to travel, and great games. UCF going out to Stillwater, Okla. to play Oklahoma State was probably not going to happen, nor was Brigham Young traveling to Orlando, Fla. to play UCF. That will change with UCF joining the Big XII.

Overall, the new members create chances for everyone to have fun. It’s great for the schools and great for the Big XII. College football continues to evolve, and UCF will be a major part of its changing landscape. UCF fans should be quite happy about these opportunities. Just think of all the places to travel and see in the future.

Final Thoughts

UCF fans should be excited (once the deal is signed and officially announced anyway) for UCF joining the Big XII. It’s a great opportunity to expand into new markets and be a part of new opportunities. Everyone benefits from this deal coming to fruition.

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