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Big Kat Bryant Press Conference

There are certain personalities that just visually show on their face how important football is to them. UCF defensive end Big Kat Bryant showed his passion today during a press conference.

Some players one needs to meet to truly understand their personality, their passion, too. UCF defensive end Big Kat Bryant played with energy for Auburn and showed that energy for UCF fans during his first game as a Knight this past Thursday against Boise State. He’s happy to talk to the media about football as well.

The way Bryant just oozes enthusiasm out of his body when talking about playing football for the first time since he last wore an Auburn uniform in 2020 was really great. It was apparent that he missed being in a football uniform.

During his last season for the Tigers, Bryant registered 17 tackles and three sacks. Those prior tackles and sacks did not help against Boise State, and Bryant needed to use his leadership as much as his physical talent to help the UCF defense to get back on track.

Discussing Bryant’s leadership during the Boise State game.

“I told them we just have to get settled, man. I told the d-line man, I’ve never been down 21 to zero. We came back to the bench and I looked up at the scoreboard, I was like ‘Woah we are down 21 to zip man.’

"We went into halftime, man. We kept cool, calm and collected. On the defensive side (of the football), we knew what we were capable of. So, you know, I just told those guys stay calm...Nobody got too high or too low.”

As for what caused the UCF defense trouble in the first half, Bryant reiterated his confidence in the defense.

“Like I said, we knew what we were capable of doing on the defensive side of the ball. It was just more about adjustments, and we just kind of figured out what they (Boise State) were doing."

Big Kat discussed the difference between rushing the passer against SEC offensive tackles and a Group of Five offensive tackle.

“It’s a lot different. My first game we played Boise (State) so we are going to see how it goes throughout the season. Those tackles (for Boise State), they were solid tackles, but nothing I’m not accustomed to. We are going to see how the season goes.”

Regarding playing Bethune-Cookman this next weekend in the Bounce House.

“They put their pants on just like we do. . . “I'm going to tackle them just like I would Boise (State), Alabama, or whoever.”

Final Thoughts

Press conferences can be full of fluff, but not with Bryant. He’s honest and tells it like he sees it. He’s real. Bryant displayed his emotions about missing football because he missed spring ball while figuring out where he would be going for his last year of college. Now, he’s all smiles and just exudes energy. He’s the kind of man people would want to be around if given the chance. UCF Football is lucky to have Bryant in the program.

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