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UCLA football tight end Greg Dulcich and linebacker Jordan Genmark Heath talked to reporters following the Bruins’ 42-14 win over Cal at the Rose Bowl on Saturday, speaking on the biggest highlights from their performances and how they were able to flip a switch in the second half for the third straight week.

TD catch?

Greg Dulcich: Yeah, I mean, that's actually something we work on. You guys see it every practice, we work on that default period, first thing every single day, try to have high hands, catch it on your outside shoulders, so he can't get to it. So, I mean, it's basically just one of the moments that we work on, so it worked out for us.

Pretty locked in defensively?

Jordan Genmark Heath: I think that we're just focused on doing our jobs. We're jumping too much, you know, whenever the plays came my way, we decided to take advantage of those. Nothing different, I mean it’s the same scheme, same players. So it was just a lock-in mentality, and we went out there performing ever since.

Getting to Garbers a lot?

JGH: I think that we're just opened up a lot lanes, we blitz a lot, as everybody knows. But like I said, it's a product of the defense, the play call, the situation. And I was just fortunate enough to be the person who got the play. And we got Mitch out there, he got one, Bo Calvert got one and Ty got one too. So we're trying to get to the quarterback every time and that on display, it was good. It was a good day.

Growth as a defense?

JGH: Yeah, I mean, obviously, it feels way, way better being up here after a win. So but no, I think, you know, in November, you know, end of season, people kind of started declining, but I think that we kind of all had that mentality with all three aspects of the game – special teams, offense and defense – that we throw up that ones that we were talking with that a couple of weeks ago, you know, towards the end of the quarter or end of the season, that's when we really thrive. And that's something that goes back to our training in the summer, in the winter with coach KB, coach Hibreaker, coach Ham, coach Frank, all of the people on the staff. So, you know, we just kept playing our ball, we were breaking records during our peak powers and stuff during November. So, you know, we're already play fresh. So it was it was awesome.

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What does it mean to get 8 wins finally?

GD: It's really exciting to see. The way we built things these past few years, and all of it to come to fruition, Bowl game experience is something that I'm really excited about, being able to do that for the first time. You know, I've heard stuff about what it was like the cactus bowl. Last time we were there. Everyone's saying, there's just such a cool experience. So I'm really excited for whatever we get

Bowl preference?

JGH: I don't care to be honest, any bowl game. You know, it's like Greg said, it's a great experience, it’s another opportunity to be with the guys, but another game. So it's a blessing, and we're excited for you know, whatever Bowl game we get, or whatever.

How does it feel to leave after one year as a grad transfer?

JGH: I was just talking to Coach about it, there was a time where I was kind of down bad. It felt like people gave up on me, and I'm extremely blessed to have this coaching staff, coach Kelly, coach Azz, coach Pellum to bring me in and believe in me, and you know, with that, I was able to regain my confidence and just go out there and play found a newly found bond with the Brotherhood here. It's a short period of time but every single person on this team is like family to me. I’m extremely blessed to be in this opportunity and be in this situation so I’m just grateful.

How have you grown?

JGH: I was a little hot headed, cant even lie. My freshman year going into Notre Dame and just watching now from being out there, afraid of making mistakes. But as you continue to grow throughout college, those are some of the most transformative years of your life. And you can definitely see night and day I feel like I'm now finally an adult. It's been a blessing. It's been a roller coaster, especially coming from cross country or overseas. It's an unreal experience and I have all the coaches, people, my parents, family friends who helped me throughout this journey to mold me into the man that I am today.

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