Fans have already seen what the Jumpman can bring to the Bruins on the gridiron, but now they've gotten a sneak peak at what the company has in store on the hardwood as well.

UCLA men's basketball released a video hyping up their new Jordan Brand uniforms Thursday. Less than two months out from the 2021-2022 season tipping off, the home and away jerseys, shorts and shoes were put on display for the first time.

Michael Jordan never ended up having his name on the back of a UCLA jersey, but now, his iconic silhouette is featured on the front of every single uniform.

On the surface, there are not too many drastic changes from the Under Armour days, but there are small details that have been switched around by the new outfitter.

The collar now comes to a point, rather than being completely rounded like it was before. Nike has featured a similar design for its Oregon, Stanford and Kentucky jerseys, but Jordan has not been very uniform with its neckline designs. Michigan's are rounded, Florida's are pointed and North Carolina has a few of each.

The chest also has holes surrounding the UCLA block letters, which Jordan has previously done at Michigan, Florida and Oklahoma.

Jordan kept the triple stripe arms around from the Under Armour era jerseys, something that was not present in the previous 17 years under Adidas. The bottom of the jersey has "Champions Made Here" embroidered on the inside of it as well.

The Jumpman logo obviously replaced the Under Armour one in the top left corner of the jersey. There is no John R. Wooden Pyramid of Success patch on the top right corner above the Pac-12 logo, however, so it remains to be seen if that will be making a return in 2021.

Outside of the jerseys, shorts and shoes themselves, the video showing them off got some buzz online as well.

UCLA Athletics creative content producer Suzi Mellano shared a behind-the-scenes look at how the video came to be. She ran the shoot seemingly on her own and handled the swapping out of the home and away jerseys inside the Pauley Pavilion locker room.

UCLA will first have its Jordan uniforms on display for the public when it opens the season with a home exhibition game against Chico State on Nov. 4. 

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