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Drew Peterson Talks Signing With Barstool Athletics, Relationship with Dave Portnoy

The 6-foot-8 hooper explains the story behind becoming a Barstool Athlete.

USC guard Drew Peterson returns for another year with the Trojans, after helping the team achieve an Elite 8 run last season.

While Peterson aims to emerge as a leader on the basketball court this year, he also looks to find success outside of the arena. With the NCAA's recent NIL laws going into effect, the junior guard has wasted no time, starting to capitalize on his own name, image and likeness. Peterson even signed with Barstool Athletics, a NCAA marketing firm, that was created shortly after July 1.



We caught up with the Rice transfer, to discuss his partnership with the media brand, his relationship with founder Dave Portnoy, and his opinion on how the NIL laws will impact the future for college sports.

How did the Barstool partnership come to fruition? 

"[Dave] Portnoy the head of Barstool [Sports] put out a video saying that they were starting this [marketing firm] and messing around, I swiped up on the story on his Instagram, and said I'm in," said Peterson.

"He responded within one-minute, and I was really shocked, because he gets a lot of messages everyday. So I'm kinda seeing how it will go, everything is so informal right now [and] no one really knows what is going to happen with it. So far, we've just got a little bit of merchandise, so that is the only thing that has happened as far as a transaction."

How can Barstool Athletics help you achieve your goals? 

"Their media platform is so powerful and strong, so I'm just fortunate to be involved with that [and] the promotions. I got like 500 new followers right when they posted [that they had signed me]. It is really cool, [and] I'm a big fan of Barstool and understand the power that Portnoy has with all the media stuff."

Have you spoken to founder Dave Portnoy over the phone? 

"I talked with him [on the phone] for about 15 minutes, we had a good conversation," said Peterson. "I know how busy he is. I was just happy to get him on the phone, it was pretty crazy. [I'm] just seeing where it goes, like I said, Barstool doesn't really know what is going on with it either."

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How will the NIL laws impact the future of college sports?

"I think it's really good for kids to be able to make some extra money on the side. You know, a lot of kids are in bad spots and could use a little bit of extra money, so I think it's a good step for the NCAA. Also I think it teaches [athletes] about managing themselves," Peterson said. "I think it gives every athlete a little more responsibility. Almost holding themselves to a higher standard, being more accountable and I think it's going to be a good step."

Credit: Kessel Training 

Credit: Kessel Training 

Peterson has created the 'Drew Peterson Basketball Camp' which will take place on August 9-11 at Libertyville Sports Complex. Tickets are available for purchase online ranging from $175-$195 dollars. This camp is one way Peterson will try and capitalize on his own name, image and likeness while enrolled at USC. 


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