Helton: Korey Foreman Helped Solidify Other SoCal Recruits

Clay Helton publicly discussed the impact Korey Foreman had on the 2021 recruiting class on Wednesday.
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It's no secret that landing the No.1 overall prospect [Korey Foreman] in the 2021 recruiting cycle was huge for the image and progression of USC's football program. Beyond adding another talented player to the Trojans roster, landing a highly coveted recruit like Foreman comes with some extra benefits. 

Clay Helton discussed Foreman's commitment publicly for the first time on Wednesday, as the Corona Centennial athlete announced his decision after the early signing period of December 16. Helton was the first to admit that landing Foreman helped the Trojans solidify signing two top recruits from Southern California in Ceyair Wright and Raesjon Davis.

"Well, I thought it helped with this [2021 recruiting class] right off the bat, to be honest with you," said Helton. "You know, January 2 was a big day. It, one, showed other guys that here's one of the best players in the world, and he's staying right here to accomplish all his dreams and feels like he can get everything accomplished, and he wants to right here at USC. And when that happens, other guys want to join. I mean, they talk and they visit together. But it's probably a big reason why he shares with us today and resides with us today. But it's probably a big reason why Ceyair [Wright] is with us today and Raejson [Davis] is with us today."

Helton went on to say, "it will affect that [2022] class [as well]. When you see the guys that are coming in this year, there's a lot of West Coast kids that look at it and go, 'Man, something special is happening down there. I want to be a part of that with those guys.' 

And so it was a big pick up for us for a lot of reasons. The quality of person Korey is, the quality of player Korey is, but also his reputation and how he relate[s] to the other guys, and then coming on and wanting to play with them is big."

USC wrapped up the 2021 recruiting cycle clinching the No.13 spot nationally according to ESPN.  A huge upgrade from last years [2020] class as the Trojans didn't even make the Top 25 list. 

Here is SI All-American's evaluation of Korey Foreman 

Committed to: USC

Frame: Long and muscular on a well-distributed frame. Some room to add mass dependent on position.

Athleticism: Elite lateral quickness and has a bounce to his first step that lets him get inside or outside of his blocker with relative ease. He's so strong that when he uses his hands to separate himself from a lineman, he's usually throwing the lineman to the ground, or at the very least, several feet away from him. Long strider who can hold up in space, running well relative to size.

Instincts: Comes off of the football with good lean and leverage. Strong motor and makes a lot of secondary plays as he chases down ball carriers laterally. Has a nose for the ball and attacks with controlled approach. Swift enough to dip in and out of holes versus minimal contact in the wash.

Polish: Technician on the defensive line. One of the aspects of his game that shows so prominently is his ability to stand up his blocker, read the play, and quickly disengage. Most comfortable at defensive end, but he can be seen at tackle and as a stand up outside linebacker depending on scheme. Effective wide on the line, coming out of four-point stance, too, with strong power and hands attacking regardless of alignment. 


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