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ALGS Highlights: Alliance and Optic Gaming Dominate Apex Pro League, Day 6

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  • Despite only one win, Alliance dominates the EMEA region with 48 kills and a total of 81 points.
  • TSM scores a massive win in game 1 for North America, but can’t keep up the momentum and ends the day in 7th with 38 points.
  • OpTic Gaming had a breakout day 6 in North America with three wins and 42 kills for 97 total points including snatching victory from Meat Lovers in game 3.

With the mid-season break in the rear view, the Apex Legends Global Series resumed on April 16th with Day 6 of the Apex Pro League. With only a few matches left for some of the Group A teams every game, every kill and every placement counts. The teams vying for the top spots that stood out this weekend were Alliance, Fire Beavers and Vexed Gaming in the EMEA region. In North America, all eyes were on DarkZero, TSM, OpTic Gaming, and more. Check out some of the biggest highlights from Day 6 of the ALGS Pro League.

HeroeZ Have Patience

In Match 1 of the EMEA region HeroeZ, a French team, showed incredible patience and superb tactical knowledge as they took Thunder Watch and wiped Totem Esports from the lobby. Starting at 49:40, BaByLoNs comes around the corner and starts to push Totem Esports who have high ground on Thunder Watch.

BaByLoNs throws his Horizon ultimate at the door to zone Totem and pushes them back inside, allowing HeroeZ to push up. With his tactical ability, BaByLoNs lifts his team to the top but they have to pause as Totem Esports tosses out their Seer ultimate. You can see Totem immediately begin their retreat as they know they can’t contest HeroeZ with them on the high ground.

BaByLoNs drops down seeing the retreat and empties a clip from RE-45 into their backs, but HeroeZ doesn’t get greedy, despite Totem Esports separating on the far side of Thunder Watch. They once again take position on the high ground behind Quentin "Klemmy" Etienne’s Rampart Walls. They get some damage on Dennis "ShRP" Fratantonio from Totem and crack his shield. BaByLoNs immediately moves to capitalize on it, moving around the stars for the flank and drops him.

With Totem Esports now on the run, HeroeZ gives chase and even when Totem puts up their Catalyst wall to try and make a cross to safety they are taken down by Heroez for a clean and safe fight.

FUT Esports Stop Alliance’s Rampage

In Match 4’s final ring for the EMEA region, Alliance was on an absolute Rampage and would end the game with 16 kills and what probably should’ve been the win as well. But FUT Esports had other plans.

Check out the three-way stand-off between Alliance, FUT Esports and Team Danish at timestamp 2:33:12. Danish had the high ground, Alliance had the center of the ring with cover and FUT Esports would have to cross and fight through the open. But instead of just going on the offensive and hoping for the best, FUT Esports threw up their Catalyst Wall and tried something different.

In hopes that Team Danish and Alliance would fight each other, FUT Esports retreats behind Alliance and onto the low ground, taking cover in a small spot under the rocks. They do lose one of their own as Alliance saw the move thanks to their Seer ultimate and Alexander "Noth" Selfwin goes down.

Alliance is in a tough spot now knowing they had teams on both sides of them, but with FUT Esports down a man they focus on the more immediate threat of Team Danish. They’re able to finish off Team Danish, but FUT Esports come in quickly for the third party and snatch victory from Alliance’s hands.

Alliance Shoots Fish in a Barrell

Despite the second place finish in Match 4, Alliance did not let that slow them down and continued their dominance in Match 5. Starting at timestamp 2:58:45 you can see what makes this team so incredible with top tier communication and a trust that lets them spread out around the other teams and slowly mop everyone up.

It all starts when they catch an unaware SAF Esports escaping from a fight and trying to recover and stabilize. Alliance is in the perfect position to send them straight back to the lobby. As Ring 5 starts to close a lot of the remaining action takes place near the boxes and bins south of East Fragment on the hill leading towards Lava Siphon.

At this point Alliance’s John "Hakis" Håkansson has his eyes on Fire Beavers who are trying to take cover under the bridge. On the Ash, Hakis is able to keep them at bay and stop them from a potential push almost entirely on his own while his team gets eyes on the rest of the lobby and pokes for damage and to drain resources. Between Hakis' snare tactical ability and pumping out damage with his Nemesis, Fire Beavers have no choice but to just push north.

Eventually the final fight breaks out among the boxes and bins and Alliance spreads out covering the western side and just begins to pepper the teams as they fight one another. They assault a team on the southern side while Oscar "Yuki" Jiang continues to be a menace on the north side of the circle. As the teams fall one by one, it comes down to Alliance and Team Outplayed. Even though Hakis and Effect do go down, Yuki is able to finish the fight in an easy one versus one for a first place finish with 12 kills.

TSM is Unkillable

In Match 1 of the NA Region, TSM had an incredible match and seemed like they were unkillable. It started with an extended edge fight with multiple teams and culminated in them taking first place.

As they were moving into Gale Station during ring 4 closing they ran into several groups, including RamBeau and DarkZero trying to gate keep. Over the next 60 seconds six teams are eliminated including; Noxious, JLC, Drug Free, DarkZero and LTC Esports who do get a knock on Evan "Verhulst" Verhulst, but ultimately are punished for trying to third party.

Due to this massive convergence of teams, by the time TSM makes it into the final zone they don’t have a lot of options on where to hold up and so they take the roofs of the buildings. It’s not always the best place to be, but TSM makes it work for them.

With TSM on the houses, they have Complexity inside on the first floor, FaZe Clan on the second, CLG hugging the outside corner, Wildcard Gaming across the way behind a fence and two members from Glytch Energy. Glytch Energy doesn’t last long and is the first out in 6th place.

CLG, FaZe and Complexity are all forced out by the ring as Bangalore smokes and Catalyst walls start to pop up. As chaos ensues Phillip "ImperialHal" Dosen uses his Horizon tactical lift to boost TSM far up into the sky to get a birds eye view of the mayhem below. They drop in on Wildcard Gaming and start to mop them up as the rest of the lobby fights it out. In the end, TSM is still up and only Wildcard Gaming’s Reptar remains for a swift TSM victory with 14 kills.

OpTic Gaming Doesn’t Need High Ground

In Match 3 of the NA Region, Meat Lovers had a god spot that should’ve guaranteed them the win, but OpTic Gaming and one fatal flaw on Meat Lovers' part cost them the win. The action went down at timestamp 1:49:18.

Meat Lovers were positioned on top of Mirage’s ship, the Mirage à trois and were effortlessly picking off Complexity Gaming and Team Drug Free. They even had perfect sight lines on OpTic Gaming whose only saving grace was a wall that they were quickly being pushed out of. Meat Lover’s Nicholas "Fuhhnq" Wall tosses his Bangalore ultimate out and you can see it hit all three members of OpTic Gaming, cracking their shields. They throw down their Catalyst ultimate and use the wall for cover as it blocks Meat Lovers line of sight.

Meat Lovers drop down and finish off Drug Free, taking angles to engage OpTic Gaming. Here is where the mistake comes in that may have cost Meat Lovers the game. At timestamp 1:49:55 Fuhhnq begins to beam OpTic with his R-99 but Brody "Xynew" Geissler inadvertently steps in front of it, eating half the clip to his back and getting beamed down himself by OpTic. The rest of the Meat Lovers quickly follow and OpTic take the win.

If both Fuhnnq and Xynew had angles and dropped one of OpTic’s members instead, the fight may have played out very differently.

Where and when to watch the ALGS Pro League

The ALGS Pro League continues on April 23rd, 29th and the 30th with the Finals taking place on May 7th. Tune in on the official Apex Legends Twitch and YouTube Channel. And for all your questions about how the Apex Legends Global Series Pro League works, check out our summary here.