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Rashid is the first DLC fighter added to Street Fighter 6 and he’s already making a massive impact. The fighter-turned-influencer has a snarky personality, charismatic smile, and an incredibly aggressive playstyle that’s already being predicted as OP.

After the most recent update, you can now play Rashid in Fighting Grounds mode, ranked play, and the single-player campaign mode World Tour. This mode is awesome for learning a character’s moveset and playstyle while also learning a bit more about each of their backstories and personalities. If you want to befriend Rashid and learn more about him, World Tour is the place to do it.

How to Get Rashid in Street Fighter 6

As the first post-launch downloadable fighter, you’ll have to purchase Rashid. If you want to buy him individually, head to the Goods Shop and buy him for 350 Fighter Coins (or about $7). You can also purchase the Year One Character Pass DLC, which includes Rashid and three other upcoming fighters as well as more outfit options. This costs $30. If you purchased the Deluxe or Ultimate Edition of Street Fighter 6, you’ll automatically have Rashid.

Rashid dodging a kick in World Tour mode

Where is Rashid in World Tour

Rashid is not as straightforward to locate as other Masters in World Tour mode. He won’t be simply standing around in the street waiting to be your teacher. Here’s how to locate Rashid in World Tour mode:

  • Head to the Old Mayshall Central Bazaar, making sure to do so at night
  • Locate Azam, who will give you a side quest
  • When you talk to Azam, you’ll learn exactly where to go to find a fighter to create an educational video
  • Head halfway up the mountain in Nayshall

At this point, you’ll encounter Rashid for the first time. He will be busy filming some content of his own. Apparently, Rashid’s story has led him to becoming a streamer in Street Fighter 6. He hopes to travel the world, recording his fights with some of the strongest people he can find.

Rashid livestreaming in World Tour mode

When you approach him, Rashid will have you hold his camera and record him taking on another fighter in the mountains. As expected, Rashid’s cool head and crazy movements keep him one step ahead of his opponent at all times.

“Finding fighters good enough to make a cool video is harder than I thought,” Rashid says.

Both of you will return to Azam and take part in a short fight for the educational video. After that, you’ll part ways but you can find Rashid again at the Old Nayshall Train Station during the day. Chatting with him will lead to him becoming your teacher.

Fans are already pumped about the addition of Rashid in World Tour. Street Fighter players said they loved the cutscene and Rashid’s new story as a streamer. The training and interactions have been called entertaining and fun, so it’s definitely worth finding him.