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The Seattle Mariners and Los Angeles Angels do not like each other very much this year and Sunday's benches-clearing brawl was the culmination of what has transpired so far this season.

It was unlike many previous brawls in MLB, reminding us of the chaos that the Pittsburgh Pirates and Cincinnati Reds got into during the 2019 season, where the two teams were involved in two separate brawls.

Major League Baseball finally handed out suspensions to those who were involved in the fracas, as on the day, eight different players and coaches were ejected.

In the aftermath of everything, 12 players, coaches and personnel were suspended as a result of the brawl, with Angels acting manager Phil Nevin receiving the worst of the bunch, a 10-game suspension.

It's worth noting that Nevin has only been the manager of the Angels for 19 games, so this suspension is just over half of the games he's currently managed in MLB, a wild number on its own.

Also, Anthony Rendon, who is out for the year following wrist surgery, received a five-game suspension, which will be enacted once he returns to the diamond in 2023.

On the Seattle side, outfielder Jesse Winker, who was the recipient of the intention hit-by-pitch, received seven games for helping to incite the brawl and being part of it. 

Additionally, shortstop J.P. Crawford and outfielder Julio Rodriguez were also suspended as a result of their involvement. 

Crawford, other than Winker, had the most prominent role on Seattle's side, trying to land punches on an Angels player after Winker originally went over to the third base dugout.

Three Angels coaches and their interpreter, Manny Del Campo, were suspended, as was reliever Raisel Iglesias, who threw a sunflower seed container onto the field following the brawl.

Arguably the worst fallout of the event was Angels reliever Archie Bradley, who will miss significant time with a fractured elbow suffered while falling out of the dugout during the brawl.

In total, 47 games worth of suspensions were handed out amongst the 12 players, coaches and personnel. 

We now look to August 5 in Seattle, the next time these two teams will face off, to see what new chapter this rivalry will bring.