Draymond Green's Statement on Klay Thompson's Warriors Drama

Draymond Green had something to say.
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The latest news surrounding the Warriors this week has been Klay Thompson supposedly unfollowing the team on Instagram, as well as deleting Warriors-related photos. Everyone has been waiting to hear the Warriors' reaction to the news, and now it looks like Draymond Green has something to say.

On the newest episode of the Draymond Green Show, he revealed his reaction to the current Klay Thompson drama. In typical Draymond Green fashion, he made light of the situation.

"I know all of you were probably looking forward to me talking about Klay unfollowing the Warriors, deleting some IG posts or something," Green said. "I had no idea that happened. I think it's f**king hilarious... I think that’s comical. I know you all would be wanting like somebody’s feelings to be hurt or something. It ain’t that. [It's] never going to be that. That’s hilarious.”

These types of situations happen almost all the time in the NBA. Many times, the photos were already deleted beforehand but fans just noticed recently. Klay Thompson has been with Draymond Green and the Golden State Warriors throughout his entire 12-year NBA career, if he were to make a huge decision like leaving the team then he'd tell Draymond Green or Steph Curry.

Once Draymond Green or Steph Curry actually get worried about the news, then it's time to get worried.

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