Golden State Warriors Interested in 6x NBA All-Star

The Golden State Warriors are interested in a huge name.
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As Klay Thompson still struggles to recover from injury, it's clear that the Golden State Warriors need a second All-Star to pair with Steph Curry. That exact thing may be what they're doing this offseason.

Former ESPN reporter Nick Friedell was a guest on 95.7 The Game, where he revealed that Jimmy Butler's name has been mentioned in the Warriors conversations. The exact excerpt from his interview reads as follows.

"Jimmy Butler's name has popped up in the conversation," Friedell said. I think it's a fit on paper, but I'm not sure how he fits into that locker room as the alpha personality that he is and I don't know if after all the wear and tear on his knees the Warriors would want to give him that extension. That would scare the hell out of me."

Jimmy Butler would be an incredibly interesting fit around Steph Curry. He's a very capable scorer, but it's a much different type of scorer than Curry is used to. He's not quite the off-ball three-point shooter that Klay Thompson is, so it would be curious to see if Butler's presence would stop the ball movement. The other intriguing part about it all would be Jimmy Butler's relationship with Draymond Green since both seem like very volatile no-nonsense players.

With how obvious it is that the Warriors need to make a move this offseason, one should expect a plethora of reports with different names attached to the team in the coming months.

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