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Golden State Warriors superstar Steph Curry graduated from Davidson on Wednesday, paving the way for his jersey to be retired by the school. It was a big event for Steph and his family, as Davidson held a commencement ceremony just for him. Teammates and opponents have been sharing their congratulations over the last two days, and one of the latest to do so was Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James:

Steph Curry and LeBron James had one of the better rivalries in sports for several years, and there is mutual respect between the two superstars that stems from their battles against one another. Facing off in the NBA Finals each year from 2015-2018, Steph and LeBron got very familiar with each other. While their paths have not crossed in the playoffs since 2018, the mutual respect has remained, with both regularly showing love off the court.

The latest instance of this came from LeBron, who congratulated Steph on his accomplishment. Davidson policy disallowed for Steph's jersey to be retired until he graduated, so this latest accomplishment paved the way for a massive ceremony that was well deserved.

Steph has remained incredibly active with his former school since his rise to NBA stardom, and that projects to continue after this latest celebration. It was a big day for Steph, as he continues to rack up the accomplishments in 2022.

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