Is There Pressure on the 49ers to Acquire Julio Jones?

Julio Jones to the 49ers would be a phenomenal sight.
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Julio Jones to the 49ers would be a phenomenal sight.

If there is any doubt about Jones being able to maintain his high-level of play, then who better than Kyle Shanahan to be that pillar of support to quell that doubt?

However, bringing Jones to the 49ers is going to force the 49ers into a bidding war. As it stands, the Falcons have held trade discussions with the Seahawks for Jones. Even Russell Wilson has gone as far as to speak to Jones about the possibility of him joining up, per Dianna Russini of ESPN.

With trade talks heating up for Jones, and the fact that a division rival is pursuing him, is there pressure on the 49ers to acquire Jones?

I believe there is pressure, in a sense, of how willing are the 49ers to go all in on Trey Lance? Trading for Jones should not be for Jimmy Garoppolo. It should be for Lance. With Jones in the fold, Lance will have a plethora of weapons to ensure he is molded into an elite-caliber player. It doesn't matter if he missed last season. With the talent at his disposal, he is sure to be brought along smoothly. Not to mention how the efficient run game will aid him and, of course, Shanahan scheming players open.

Plus, it would behoove the 49ers to cut Garoppolo to fit Jones' salary into the cap without having to execute multiple restructures. This would be a perfect situation for Lance to walk into. Plenty of rookie quarterbacks have had to work with significantly less. It will not get much better for Lance if Jones is acquired for him to start. 

If Lance is not the purpose of acquiring Jones, then there is no pressure at all. The Seahawks adding another star wide receiver will be a boost to the offense, yet it does not give much help to their already depleted defense. Shanahan will not lose sleep over that. The 49ers must not act rashly over what the Seahawks or any other team in the NFC West does.