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The following players have been invited to the 2022 Cajun Bowl. Be sure to check back frequently for continuous updates. NFL Draft Bible, brings you the names you need to know first since 2002, celebrating 20 years of independent scouting analysis!

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Cajun Bowl

QB Liam Welch Samford

RB JP Cimankinda Ottawa University

WR Aakiel Greer Saint Augustine Univ.

WR Malik Williams Bemidji State

WR Gavin Landry Northwestern State

OT Aaron Frost Nevada

OT Zack Ingram Stephen F Austin

OG Julio Garcia Las Vegas

DT Ryan Boehm Fresno State

DT Emmitt Golden Lincoln Univ - Oakland

DE Jacoby Jones Texas

ILB Jordan Young Old Dominion

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CB Walter Neil, Jr UTEP

CB Brandon McKinney Utah

SS Lee Pitts Univ. of Sioux Falls

SS Tyrese Dedmon Idaho

SS La’Kendrick Van Zandt TCU

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