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Do the Saints Have Enough 'Juice' to Sign OBJ?

Do the New Orleans Saints have enough juice to sign Odell Beckham Jr?

Do the New Orleans Saints have enough juice to sign Odell Beckham Jr?

Reports have the Cleveland Browns prepared to sever ties with its star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. after three seasons. The Browns' release of Beckham signals the end of an unfulfilled and murky relationship between the two sides. 

Saints Signing Odell Beckham Jr.

On March 13, 2019, Cleveland acquired Beckham in a trade with the New York Giants to pair him with his friend and fellow LSU alum, wide receiver Jarvis Landry.   The tandem were expected be lethal to the opposition — but it never materialized.

Beckham tore his ACL in 2020 and returned to action this season. It seems OBJ did not "fit" the Browns' offensive scheme well. He seemed discontent with his production, and after his father posted a video of Baker Mayfield not targeting a wide-open OBJ in a recent football game, the Browns had enough.

The New Orleans Saints contacted the Cleveland Browns before the trade November 2 trade deadline to acquire Beckham. The two sides could not agree on the trade's terms. The Saints were seeking his services because of the "setback" in Michael Thomas' ankle rehabilitation.

The Browns have decided to buy out Beckham's contract. Earlier this week, the team could have received draft pick(s) or players exchanging with New Orleans. Instead, they have nothing but unfulfilled hopes of what OBJ could have been in Cleveland.

When Beckham hits the open market, 31 NFL teams will have an opportunity to bid for his services. The Giants probably won't have any interest in re-acquiring the receiver; so the real total is 30.

The only concern for New Orleans is if they have enough "juice" to be in the Odell Beckham Jr. market. GM Mickey Loomis and VP of Football Administration Khai Harley have been highly creative in the past, but could they reel in a big fish like OBJ without trade equity in play?  

First, he will need to clear waivers.  New Orleans is 23rd on the waiver order in the NFL.

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According to, the Saints have $998,752 in cap space available.  Jokingly, it's just enough for Loomis and Harley "to go to work" and package a deal, right?

Seriously, if Beckham would like to return to the Bayou near his family and friends, and play for the Saints, it could work. However, if he may be seeking a hefty payday, New Orleans, at the moment, would not be a good fit.

Although New Orleans lost starting QB Jameis Winston for the season, the Saints still have Sean Payton. In the past three seasons, he and Pete Carmichael are 14-3 with quarterbacks not named Drew Brees.

If anyone can pull the best out of an offensive player, it would be Sean Payton. Whatever the problem existed with Browns head coach Kevin Stafanski, he won't have it with Coach Payton.   

Beckham's speed may have waned a bit, but he still poses a danger to defenses.  This is an element that has been consistently missing from New Orleans' offense without Michael Thomas, also Deonte Harris — this season when Harris was injured and his game status was inactive.

New Orleans is primed and ready to make a serious playoff push behind Dennis Allen's "Juice Boyzz" defense and Payton's creativity. The quarterback position may be a week-to-week evaluation for the Saints. 

Payton told reporter this week that "he likes the receivers" in New Orleans.  Yet, Beckham could make an immediate impact to help quarterbacks Trevor Siemian or Taysom Hill and add a new dynamic to the receiving corps.

Nevertheless, do the Saints have the juice?

We shall see.

FYI: Current odds on obtaining OBJ - Raiders +200, Ravens +275, Saints +300, Bills +400

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