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Penning, Roach Booted from Saints Training Camp Practice

Saints' rookie offensive tackle and third-year defensive tackle are involved in a fight during training camp, and were booted from the session.

Wednesday morning, John Hendrix of the Saints News Network reported that first-round pick Trevor Penning and third-year defensive tackle Malcolm Roach were booted from Saints Training Camp practice after a "big fight" between the two players.  Hendrix did not say what caused the skirmish.

On Tuesday, Penning addressed with reporters his recent scuffles with defensive end Payton Turner and defensive back J.T. Gray. 

A few in the media likened him to former Saints offensive tackle Kyle Turley who was well-known for his ferocious attitude and tenacious play. Turley's infamous "helmet toss" is legendary with Saints fans. 

A New York Jets defensive back tackled quarterback Aaron Brooks and twisted his helmet on the play. Turley responded by wrestling off a Jets player's helmet and tossing it on a live national broadcast. The team was penalized and lost valuable field position inside the red zone.  

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Penning still has plenty of time to make a name for himself in New Orleans. The problem will come during games whether or not he will control his temper, avoid penalties, and stay on the field.

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