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Alvin Kamara's Hearing Rescheduled Again

Alvin Kamara's Las Vegas hearing was rescheduled again by the court.

On Monday, John Hendrix reported Alvin Kamara participated at Saints Training Camp. 

New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara (41)

According to 8 News' David Charns, the attorneys for Alvin Kamara and the others charged in the Las Vegas incident requested an additional "60 days to the case." The court granted another request to rescheduled the hearing regarding the Feb. 5 Las Vegas nightclub matter. Police officially arrested Kamara following the 2022 NFL Pro Bowl in Las Vegas.

Alvin Kamara and Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Chris Lammons will have more time to prepare for and open the NFL season with the extra time granted for the hearing.

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Las Vegas police detectives reviewed video and audio as evidence against the alleged attackers.  

"According to police, after the victim pushed Kamara's hand off his chest, Kamara shoved him before another suspect, identified as Lammons, punched Greene and knocked him back against a wall," Charns reported.

They determined the video and audio corroborated the story given by the alleged victim. 

The NFL has not suspended Kamara or Lammons.  

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