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Live Updates: Alabama Baseball vs No. 5 Arkansas (Series Finale)

Stats, information and analysis as the Crimson Tide looks to solidify its place as the 11-seed in next week's SEC Tournament.

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — It's the regular-season finale for both Alabama baseball and No. 5 Arkansas, with both teams needing a win on Saturday afternoon for different reasons.

For Alabama, a win would solidify its place as a 11-seed in next week's SEC Tournament as well as give it its first SEC series win since its sweep of then-No. 7 Ole Miss back in early April.

For Arkansas, it is looking to cement its status as the 2-seed in the SEC Tournament in stone. While the Tennessee Volunteers have already clinched the top overall seed, the Razorbacks are tied with Texas A&M with an 18-11 record. Arkansas wins the tiebreaker between the two teams, but a loss for Arkansas and a win for Texas A&M would swap them in the standings.

First pitch is scheduled for 1 p.m. CT, with the game being broadcast on SEC Network+.


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Live Updates

Final Score: Alabama 18, Arkansas 5

Top 9

  • Lanzilli grounded out to short. Ball Game.
  • Bohrofen pinch hit for Moore, then struck out looking. Two out.
  • Webb lined out to left field. One out.
  • Landon Green replaces Furtado on the mound. Foggo to first base.

Bottom 8

  • Alabama leaves three runners on base, and we head to the top of the ninth.
  • Foggo pinch hit for Williamson.
  • Gabriel Starks takes over for Morris on the mound.

Top 8

  • Different inning, same story: Arkansas gets a man on base, but can't get him across the plate.
  • Hunter Furtado in to replace Jean on the mound for Alabama.

Bottom 7

  • Alabama is unable to capitalize on a runner in scoring position. Inning over.
  • Zack Morris replaces Pleimann on the mound.

Top 7

  • Nothing doing for Arkansas in the seventh.
  • Portera replaces Tamez at catcher.

Bottom 6

  • Portera pinch hit for Tamez.

Top 6

  • Webb hit a two-run home run to left field. 18-5 Alabama.

Bottom 5

  • With the bases loaded, Eblin smashed a grand slam to left field. Four runs score. 18-3 Alabama.
  • Denton flied out, Williamson tagged home. 14-3 Alabama. One out, runners on first and second.
  • Miller Pleimann replaced Trest on the mound for Arkansas.
  • Alabama has once again loaded the bases with no outs.

Top 5

  • Jean retires the side 1-2-3.
  • Antoine Jean replaces Hitt on the mound for Alabama.

Bottom 4

  • Elijah Trest replaces Taylor on the mound for Arkansas.
  • Hamiter singled through the left side, Eblin advanced to second, Jarvis and Denton scored. 13-3 Alabama.
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  • Jarvis reached on an error by the first basemen, all runners advance, Tamez scored. 11-3 Alabama.
  • Denton hit by pitch, and with the bases loaded, Williamson is forced across the plate. Bases still loaded, nobody out. 10-3 Alabama.
  • Evan Taylor replaced Smith on the mound.
  • Tamez reached on a fielder's choice to third base. Williamson advanced to second, Pinckney scored. 9-3 Alabama.
  • Hamiter hit a leadoff home run to right field. 8-3 Alabama.

Top 4

  • Wallace hit a one-out solo home run to left field. 7-3 Alabama.

Bottom 3

  • Eblin struck out swinging, reached first on a wild pitch. All three runners advanced, Diodati scored. 7-2 Alabama. Bases loaded, one out.

Top 3

  • For the second inning in a row, Arkansas leaves two runners on base.

 Bottom 2

  • Hagen Smith replaced Ramage on the mound.
  • Pinckney doubled to left, Rose scored. 6-2 Alabama.
  • Rose advanced to third, Eblin scored on a wild pitch. 5-2 Alabama.
  • Hamiter grounded out to first, all three runners advanced a base, Jarvis scored. 4-2 Alabama. Two out.
  • Jaxon Wiggins is replaced on the mound by Kole Ramage for the Razorbacks.
  • Eblin reached on a fielder's choice to the pitcher (SAC bunt), Jarvis to third, Diodati scored. 3-2 Alabama.
  • Diodati advanced to third on a wild pitch, Tamez score. 2-2 tie.
  • Diodati singled to right center, Tamez advanced to third, Williamson scored 2-1 Arkansas. Runners at the corners with nobody out for Denton.

Top 2

  • Arkansas gets two men on base, but Hitt gets out of the inning unscathed. Score remains 2-0 Arkansas.

Bottom 1

  • Pinckney flied out to center. Inning over.
  • Hamiter struck out swinging. Two down.
  • Rose grounded out to short. One out.

Top 1

  • Leach popped out to short. Three out.
  • Turner grounded out to second. Battles advanced to second, Lanzilli to third. Two out.
  • Battles singled through the left side, Lanzilli advanced to second, Moore scored. 2-0 Arkansas.
  • Lanzilli singled up the middle. Moore advanced to third, Webb scored. 1-0 Arkansas.
  • Moore drew a four-pitch walk, Webb advanced to second.
  • Webb singled to third base.
  • Wallace grounded out to short. One out.
  • Hitt's first pitch is a strike, and we are underway.


  • First pitch is scheduled for 1 p.m. CT, with the game being broadcast on SEC Network+.
  • Today's weather conditions: 92 degrees Fahrenheit, cloudy, 15% chance of rain, winds 9 m.p.h. due north
  • Today's umpires:
    • HP: Clint Fagan
    • 1B: Alex Ransom
    • 2B: Tyler Simpson
    • 3B: Derek Mollica
  • Alabama starting lineup posted below.
  • Arkansas starting lineup:
Screen Shot 2022-05-21 at 12.14.46 PM

Alabama Starting Lineup

Caden Rose, McNeese State, February 19, 2021
William Hamiter, Xavier Series 2022
Andrew Pinckney
Alabama infielder Drew Williamson (18) fields and throws to first as he plays a ball hit by a Murray State batter at Sewell-Thomas Stadium Friday, March 4, 2022. Alabama Baseball Vs Murray State
Dominic Tamez
Owen Diodati, Alabama baseball
Alabama's Zane Denton (44) celebrates with Owen Diodati (16) after Denton hitt a home run against Tennessee during the NCAA baseball game in Knoxville, Tenn. on Sunday, April 17, 2022
Jim Jarvis, Alabama baseball
Bryce Eblin
Grayson Hitt