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Alabama Commitment Wilkin Formby Already Practicing Like He's a College Player

The standout offensive lineman continues to sharpen his skills as he'll soon go from Northridge to the Crimson Tide.
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TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — Wilkin Formby has been committed to Alabama since the middle of June, but the Northridge High School offensive tackle, who is top-10 in the nation for his position and top-10 overall in the state of Alabama, continues to work hard during his senior season.

"It's been flying by," Formby said about his senior season. "We're off to a pretty good start. We started off a little rough, but we played two of the toughest games that we'll play for most of the season I would say, but we've shown great improvement since then. We got a big game ahead of us and I'm looking forward to it."

After consecutive losses to start the season, the Northridge Jaguars have won three straight games while scoring at least 40 points in each victory. The team has improved like Formby said, and the 6-foot-7, 295-pound tackle has progressed individually as well.

"I always try and focus on not playing to my competition," Formby said. "I'm just playing to my standard every day. That's something my coaches tell all five of us up front, to play to your standard and never to an opponent. I'm making sure that I'm playing 100 percent every day, every rep."

Tracy Dunn, the defensive line coach at Northridge, echoed Formby's statement, saying how he reminds Formby to use more than his size to his advantage.

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"Don't be just bigger than everybody, be a better technician," Dunn said. "He's learned a lot at these camps, and hopefully he's learned a lot through our coaches here. He just continues to get better all the time. I think the sky's the limit."

Dunn also shared that outside of sharpening his skills, Formby's become more serious in his preparation as he gears up for the next level.

"There's been a maturity this year where he almost approaches the games and practices as if he's a college player," Dunn said. "It's made a big difference."

The Northridge senior has attended every Alabama home game, and he's taken note of the athleticism of this year's offensive line. When asked about what he can bring next year, he simply said "anything I can to contribute." He plans to graduate early so he can get ahead.

Formby plays his next game on Friday at 7 p.m. CT, a home game against regional opponent McAdory High School.