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Ranking BYU Football Uniforms

BYU added two new helmets two their uniform collection to start Spring practices.

BYU football added two new helmets to their 2021 uniform collection. With so many new uniform combinations, it's time to re-rank my favorite BYU football uniforms. Warning: hot takes incoming.

19. Navy helmet, navy jersey, white pants

New Unis Navy on Navy on White.jfif

Of the many uniform combinations, these are my least favorite. I don't love them, I don't hate them. I wouldn't mind if this combination was left out of the 2021 uniform rotation.

18. White helmet, all navy jersey

All Navy

BYU wore this combination for the first time in the independence era last season. Once every few years is enough for me.

17. Navy helmet, all white jersey

New Unis Navy on White on White.jfif

These uniforms bring back memories of players like Luke Staley, Reno Mahe, and Brandon Doman. I like them, but not as much as the other combinations.

16. Navy classic home


Although these jerseys are far down the list, we should all be grateful for these uniforms. If it weren't for these, BYU might be sporting gold on their jerseys in 2020.

15. Navy all white

All white jerseys Kody Epps

I like the all whites with navy trim, but I prefer when these jerseys are worn outside of Lavell Edwards Stadium.

14. Royal helmet, all white jersey

New Unis Royal on White on White.jfif

I like this combination, I just have one qualm: the royal helmets are way better with the royal facemasks than the gray facemasks. This, in my opinion, looks much better:

New Unis Royal Helmet

13. Royal helmet, royal jersey, white pants

New Unis Royal on Royal on White.jfif

Of the new uniform combinations, this combination is one of my favorites.

12. Blackout (2014/2016/2020)


This might be a controversial ranking. I'm not as high on the blackout uniforms as most BYU fans. I view them as a solid alternate look that recruits like.

11. Blackout (2012)

In my mind, these blackout jerseys are the same as the ones worn in 2016. However, I give 2012 the slight edge because they came out first when it seemed like the entire country was doing an annual blackout game.

10. Royal helmet, white jersey, royal pants

New Unis Royal on White on Royal.jfif

I really like this uniform combination. You already know how I feel about the royal helmet with the gray facemask. Swap it out with a blue facemask and you've got a great uniform.

9. All Royal

New Unis Royal on Royal on Royal.jfif

Again, I've already voiced my opinion the gray facemask - this combination highlights what I'm talking about. The gray is such a contrast against the royal that it stands out in a distracting way. Compare the above photo with the all royal in this photo:

Uniform Combinations.jfif

If this combination always came with a royal facemask, it would be ranked higher.

8. Throwback


I'm a sucker for a good retro uniform, and BYU nailed this one in 2019. Even the socks were iconic.

7. Navy helmet, white jersey, navy pants

New Unis Navy on White on Navy.jfif

I love the balance in this uniform. This combination immediately became one of my favorites.

6. White helmet, all royal jersey

All Royal

The all royal is one of my favorite combos. These uniforms look much better when they aren't blending in with the smurf turf in Boise (see 2018 Potato Bowl).

5. All Navy

New Unis Navy on Navy on Navy.jfif
Uniform Combinations.jfif

This combination surprised me - I did not expect to like it as much as I do. There's something about this uniform that just works. If BYU is wearing navy in Lavell Edwards Stadium, this combination gets my vote.

4. Navy classic away


Never have these uniforms looked as good as when BYU took down Michigan State and Tennessee on the road. My appreciation for these uniforms grew tenfold when BYU released so many new uniform combinations - this combination really stood out among all the uniform combinations.

3. Royal classic away


The Cougars got back to their roots and wore the classic royal away jerseys in 2019. This is one of BYU's very best looks.

2. Royal all white

These uniforms need no explanation. It's hard to find a better combination of BYU colors than these jerseys.

Royal all white

1. Royal classic home


These jerseys deserve the credit for bringing royal blue back to BYU football. The tradition and meaning behind these jerseys puts them over the top.