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Video: BYU Football Signee Sol-Jay Maiava on His Unique Recruitment and Relationship with Coach Aaron Roderick

Sol-Jay Maiava received his first offer in 8th grade from Jim Harbaugh - he talks about his recruitment and relationship with Coach Roderick.

You can watch the second part of this interview here.

Sol- Jay Maiava is a Quarterback out of Washington D.C. and signed with BYU as part of the 2020 BYU Recruiting class. Before signing with BYU, Maiava had offers from programs around the country, receiving his first official offer in the 8 grade. After receiving his first offer, Maiava said that “everything changed”. He initially faced some obstacles that added pressure to his training going into high school. He said “people were saying, this is going to destroy him and stuff like that. But I always had my family there to uplift me and what not, and to make sure the hype wasn’t getting to my head. I needed to make sure that I worked with my Heavenly Father and always be grateful for everything He’s done for me.”

When Maiava was making his final decision years later, he said that BYU coaches ended up making all the difference. Maiava grew up a Uah fan, but Coach Aaron Roderick promised him he’d recruit him the hardest and he really kept his word. His junior year of high school, Maiava moved from his home state of Hawaii to Washington D.C. to play QB at St. John’s. Coach Roderick was the first to visit him when he moved to D.C. and fostered a relationship of mutual respect with Maiava over the years.

Maiava moved from Hawaii to Washington D.C. after his sophmore year of high school. At St. John’s Maiava grew as a QB and in his education. “The education out here really pushed me. It builds your character for the next level on and off the field. I’m forever grateful and glad that I moved here”. 

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