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MSU OC Dan Roushar Spurns NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers To Stay With Friend Mark Dantonio

Mark Dantonio has built an in credible program at MSU in only five short years. One of his multiple strengths in his leadership style is building a staff of men he trusts, as both teachers and role models.

Last week Spartan Nation was informed that new Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Greg Schiano had MSU OC Dan Roushar on his radar to be the Bucs new OL coach. Roushar came highly recommended from more than one candidate who wanted the OC job in Tampa and had tabbed Roushar as a great coach and teacher.

Our source in Tampa told us at the time, “It was pretty obvious as we talked to people around the NFL and college football that Roushar was highly respected around the game. Coach was intrigued by all of the good things he heard.”

Spartan Nation learned on Monday of last week Roushar was indeed going make the trip to south Florida to interview with Schiano. According to sources with the Bucs and outside the Bucs Schiano was very impressed by that interview. 

They said, “He is so fundamentally sound when it comes to the game of football. He was able to really express his philosophy and system so easily that it was evident he deserved a seat at the NFL table. He was able to express how his philosophies would fit within any scheme.”

In the end Schiano and the Bucs were very impressed with Roushar, but it was clear according to people in Tampa with direct knowledge of the interview process that, “You don’t want a public relations blunder in the NFL. Especially when you are a new staff. You can’t offer a job and be told no. He (Roushar) was the top choice, but he made it clear that he was so happy in East Lansing and even more with Dantonio that every coaches dream of an NFL job, couldn’t overcome the ties and loyalty to Dantonio. It was clear his heart was with Dantonio and it was useless to offer him the job only to be told no.”

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I contacted Mark Dantonio who is in Hawaii on a Nike Coaches tour about Roushar’s interview with the Buccaneers. He was aware of both the interview and of the process and said, “Any time you have success and do things the right way it is an expected compliment when people come wanting key people to that success.

We are blessed to have coaches, players and others that collectively are the reason we have had success at Michigan State. The fact that the NFL wanted to talk to Dan Roushar is proof of that. It strengthens even more the confidence I have in him and the great leadership he provides our team.”

For those wondering why Roushar would even listen to the Buccaneers it is simple. Every coach dreams of an opportunity in the NFL and it does no harm to at least listen. He would have also received a substantial raise from his current salary at MSU. In the end this tremendous father, husband and coach followed his heart and knew he was at home in East Lansing.

Both MSU coordinators have been wooed this off-season with substantial pay raises and other jobs. Both have said no. In both cases it proves that the loyalty and respect shown them by their boss Mark Dantonio, is reciprocated.

The good news is that every recruit wants to get to the next level and who better to get them there then coaches who are already wanted by the league. What makes Roushar special is that not only is he a good coach, but a better man. MSU is fortunate to have him.

There is no doubt Roushar is a fine football coach, a great husband and super father. All attributes shared with his head coach. When he gets his chance to be a head coach he will do well. For now the Spartan Nation is assured he will be back for another outstanding season.