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Big Things Happening At Irish Breakdown!

Irish Breakdown has made two new staff hires and is kicking off some new podcast features!

The last year has been an exceptional one for Irish Breakdown and for Notre Dame. Our numbers have doubled, and at times tripled in many areas, and our message board membership is already more than twice the size we projected by the start of the 2022 season!

That success has allowed me to make some moves that I am very, very excited about. With that being said, I'd like to announce that Irish Breakdown has hired Sean Stires as its new senior writer covering the Notre Dame football team.

Sean will be handling all of the day-to-day beat features, but adding him to the team brings far more value than just covering the team. Sean is also a talented radio personality, and we are going to put that to good use at IB! In June, Sean will begin a new feature at Irish Breakdown, which is an evening podcast that focuses on covering a number of Notre Dame and college football related topics. 

That show will focus on interviews and talking about the latest news and information about the Irish and the college football landscape. It will take a different approach to our current afternoon podcasts, which will also continue. This is adding onto our content package, and our afternoon shows will continue in their current format!

Sean and Vince DeDario will also be launching a pre-game show in the fall. It will be a Saturday morning show in the fall where we preview the upcoming Notre Dame game and also discuss the biggest national games that weekend. We'll have guests on the show, we'll dive into the matchups and give you everything you need to know about the upcoming Irish game and that weekend's biggest games.

Irish Breakdown has also hired Devin Jackson as a new recruiting analyst. Devin also covers the LSU, the New Orleans Saints and the New Orleans Pelicans. Devin also provides analysis of the NFL Draft. Devin is a former college football player and will bring tremendous insight to the Irish Breakdown recruiting team!

I am excited about both of these hires and what we are continuing to add to the Irish Breakdown product! As we continue to grow we'll continue adding to our content package and our team! We have some very big plans for the next few months and into the season!

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