College Football Playoff Committee Proposal Would Mean No Byes For Notre Dame

Notre Dame cannot have a bye if it were one of the four highest seeds based on the latest College Football Playoff proposal

It would seem the College Football Playoff working group is looking to attempt to push Notre Dame into a conference. In its 12-team playoff proposal the committee proposed byes for the four highest-ranked conference champions.

That would mean even if Notre Dame was the No. 1 seed it would not receive a bye since it is not in a conference.

In the new 12-team proposal there would be six automatic bids for the highest-ranked conference champions. Notre Dame would be eligible for one of the six at-large spots in the playoff.

The format calls for the first round games to be played on campus of the highest ranked teams and would look like this.

5 vs. 12
6 vs. 11
7 vs. 10
8 vs. 9

The top four teams would get byes. What's truly funny about this is so many pushing for this absurd proposal have convinced themselves that an expanded playoff would bring about more parity, yet this proposal builds in the same advantages for the top teams that already exist.

Teams 5-12 get to beat each other up for a week before they have to then take on the best four teams.

The quarterfinals would look like this:

1 vs. 8/9 winner
2 vs. 7/10 winner
3 vs. 6/11 winner
4 vs. 5/12 winner

Notre Dame would be forced to win four games to win a championship even if it is 12-0 after the regular season. So much for the theory some Notre Dame fans believe an expanded playoff is somehow good for Notre Dame.

To add to this, Notre Dame would have to potentially beat three teams that are ranked 1-4 to win a title, assuming the higher seeds win out. With a bye the Irish would play no more than two, as their first game would be guaranteed to be against a team ranked 5-12.

It also means that some conference champions who aren't ranked in the top four would have to play 17 games to win a championship.

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