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Report: Notre Dame Expected To Land Big TV Deal, Remain Independent

According to a report, Notre Dame is expected to land a huge new TV deal

Notre Dame remains the program the top conferences all want, but the Fighting Irish leadership has sought to remain independent, as it should. According to a report from John Ourand, Notre Dame is expected to land a new TV contract that would give the Irish a major boost in revenue and also guarantee Notre Dame remain an independent team for football.

"Sources say the school should expect around $60 million per year from a new contract -- though it’s hard to predict how the media business will look three years from now." - Ourand

Notre Dame currently makes around $26 million a year on its combination of NBC and its partnership with the ACC. Notre Dame remaining independent would mean there is no need to get out of the ACC deal, which means the Irish would still get over $10 million per year from its deal with the ACC on top of the reported number from Ourland. That would put the Irish over $70 million per year if the report is accurate.

Notre Dame's current deal with NBC runs through the 2024 season, so there is still a lot of time before a new deal needed to be inked. It would be a bit surprising to see Notre Dame sign a new deal this early, especially with other networks still looking to expand their college football reach. As long as Notre Dame remained open for business it could be in position to ramp up the asking price.

Perhaps that is what this report is all about. It's either Notre Dame is in fact ready to agree to a deal, or perhaps there is an attempt to set the market and let others know what the current asking price is, and that Notre Dame is close to inking the deal so get in bigger offers if you want them.

It's all speculation at this point, but we are hearing enough reports with numbers being thrown around to confidently say Notre Dame is looking to get a huge boost in revenue whenever it does in fact sign. This is especially true when you consider the apparel deal with Under Armour runs out before the TV deal does, which means the Irish will sign a huge apparel deal in the near future as well.

It certainly puts Notre Dame in great financial position for its athletics department, which only increases the chances that Notre Dame remain independent for football.

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