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Adon Shuler Is Locked Into Notre Dame And Getting Better, Not New Offers

Adon Shuler remains focused on improving his game and his commitment to Notre Dame despite overtures from Alabama, Georgia and other big-time programs

Since 2023 Irvington (N.J.) High School safety Adon Shuler made his commitment to the Notre Dame program, he and his family have been emphatically enjoying the ride. When checking in with Adon’s father, Don Shuler, he provided some insight into the process and how things have changed in their roles in the recruiting class.

“Enjoying the ride” might actually be an understatement. To say the Shuler family is grateful for this opportunity wouldn’t quite do it justice.

“We’re just blessed,” Shuler said. “We’re just soaking it all in and just enjoying the ride.

“We’re just grateful, blessed, and humbled that he has enough talent and academics to earn a scholarship offer to their universities,” continued Shuler. “There were so many offers that came after he made his commitment and I had no idea it was going to be like that.”

Even after his commitment, the heat on Adon didn’t slow down much. Recently, programs like Alabama and Georgia have even extended offers. While that attention has not shaken Shuler’s commitment, the whole family truly appreciates the opportunity.

“We have talked to a lot of coaches and at his high school, his coaches have done a great job navigating all of the attention that he is getting,” he said. “We are so grateful that we are keeping that bridge open to those other coaches and we appreciate everyone just for their time.”

It turns out that the Notre Dame allegiance did not just begin when recruiting began. Don Shuler, as it turns out, had a rooting interest in the program dating back a few years.

“I was a huge Notre Dame fan when I was in high school,” Shuler explained. “I used to love Notre Dame as well.”

Since the commitment, Adon’s role in the class has changed considerably. He now has the goal to help finalize the top class in program history. His father, Don, has also taken that role for himself.

“He’s been recruiting since he first committed in August, along with me as well,” Shuler explained. “I’m a huge fan of all of those young men. If anybody follows me on Twitter, you can see some of the pictures I post. I message the guys on Instagram and sometimes on Twitter. I let those guys know that I’m a huge fan of them and I’m happy that they are able to further their athletic and academic career - as well as I know that a national championship is in the future.”

Shuler’s admiration for those recruits is not as simple as an attempt to secure them in the class - although it would be fantastic. No, Don is legitimately a fan of every player going through a similar process.

“It’s a great feeling because I played football so I’m a huge fan. Every time I see those guys, I say hello, hug them and take pictures with them,” he said. “We all recruit but Adon is definitely one of the top recruiters along with Drayk Bowen. They all do a great job. They want to build something and it’s going to be amazing when it all comes together, I can promise you that.”

Hearing all of Don’s emphasis on recruiting, his passion for the game and the program is remarkable to see. So much so, that Chad Bowden and company may have to make a hire in the future to continue to strengthen the recruiting staff.

“Hey, I definitely would appreciate it!” Shuler replied with a smile on his face.

With a long coaching background on his own resume, Don Shuler has had the privilege of coaching each one of his kids as they have grown up. That tutelage has gone a long way to developing them into the students of the game each one is - especially true in Adon’s case.

“I’m a hard coach. I’m very critical but we always have time to break things down,” Shuler explained. “I like to teach them how to get better. We work with all type of trainers and I figure if they show an interest in it, and it’s their passion, then I’m going to give them everything I can to get them to the top.”

Despite being a consensus four star recruit with notable upside, Adon is about as soft spoken and humble of a recruit then you will find. After hearing about his upbringing, it’s easy to see why.

“Me and my wife always preach being humble because at the end of the day, we feel that people will see your talent. You don’t have to broadcast it. Sometimes you can get caught up in the moment and that’s fine during the game but you don’t have to go walking around with your chest out and talk about how you’re the best,” he said. “We’ve always preached just working hard. Adon is an extremely hardworking kid. He has the competitive spirit of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. He does not like to lose. He loves to win and is very competitive.

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“All of the kids compete. They compete doing everything,” Shuler continued. “They always want to be up top and want to win. He’s a student of the game. He would watch ESPN classic, games and breakdown plays. There will be nights where he’s still working out at 11 or 12 at night and I don’t bother him because his grades are still good.”

Calling the Shuler family sports driven would be a massive understatement. It hasn’t always just been football either. They are as well rounded as you will find, having done football, soccer, basketball, boxing, baseball and track and field growing up.

Now inching closer to his senior season, Shuler has taken his preparation this off-season very seriously. He set goals and his father did his best to help him achieve it.

“He came up with a plan that he wanted to get bigger, wanted to get faster and stronger. So we set that into motion this off-season,” he said. “Last year he played at around 190 pounds so he wants to get up to 200 while gaining more speed.”

For those who don’t know Irvington High School is a public school in New Jersey. Breaking the mold of a “classic Notre Dame recruit”, Shuler is set to accomplish something that no other player in school history has ever done. Adon continues to let his actions speak for himself.

“He’s going to be an early graduate,” Shuler explained. “He will actually be the first player from his high school to graduate early so he can start his courses at Notre Dame.”

Having been in the class for a while, it can be easy to overlook Adon Shuler and the quality player that he is. By every account, he fits the Notre Dame mold perfectly. 

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